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  1. While against manufacturer's recs. just stuff other frozen item(s) in your canister. We've been doing that for years.
  2. Completely understand. . Fog horns and fire sirens are my lullabies.
  3. Thanks. I have 4 more on hand to hone my skill. Their reputation is such that I'm sure our indifference was my fault. I think next time I'll 2 minutes each side and then finish off in the oven, usually fail-proof for pink interior.
  4. How are you cooking this pork, Sneak? I sourced this locally and was not impressed. I think I undercooked it, ie too rare, but it didn’t sing to us. Previous pink Niman Ranch, also pastured, pork had better flavor and texture. Where did I go wrong?
  5. Reflecting on the "why"of making ice cream, I really like controlling the flavors, using really good chocolate for instance; I like the texture, the instability perhaps. I can't think of a store or scoop shop brand that I really like as well as.what we are making. And maybe it's just fun! For us, ice cream is "of the moment", churned the afternoon of a dinner party, allowed to ripen for a couple of hours before serving late that night. What's leftover is just that, not something we made with storage in mind. Belying that, we made the above Milk Chocolate Guinness with malice of forethought and just for us. FWIW, we just finished the first pint of this and found it very scoopable directly out of the freezer, no doubt due to the alcohol. With that in mind, I will repeat here the chocolate faux eau-de-vie that we make. Simply chocolate nibs macerated in vodka for several months. The result is an essence of chocolate, the better the nibs, the better the elixir. A splash in ice cream or sorbet is magical both in terms of flavor and texture, and is superb in baked goods, like a flourless chocolate cake.
  6. Agreeing that commercial cream cheese is just a vehicle for the ingredients one thinks one is avoiding, would mascarpone be a good sub, or are we really just looking for those ingredients?
  7. Reading various "new" recipes and processes for making ice cream at home, I have to ask what the goal is. joe mentions "ice cream shop ice cream". Was a time when we rejected commercial and revered artisan/homemade. The store-bought brands I choose are very simple, listing no emulsifying and stabilizing additives. Where are we now? Is there a brand that has become a popular model for ice cream? FWIW and IMHO, there is nothing wrong with corn syrup in proper dosage, as one would use table sugar. Only a problem when its high fructose version becomes a noticeable part of one's diet in the form of drinks and overly sweetened foods.
  8. voyager


    Asparagus with Green Goddess, always a yum. Followed by chicken marsala with linguine. A really good do, but sorry, no pics.
  9. We've got enough of that in our house. Husband is like a kid counting down the days to his birthday re returning to France. I just don't have the heart to tell him, "It just ain't gonna happen, Sweetie. Not this year, maybe not....."
  10. I sleep best in the country with my bedside fan on. I can't handle dead quiet. Even the refrigerator clicking to defrost is a comfort.
  11. So far beyond us. Husband still refuses to eat food not cooked in our kitchen. AKA no take out, much less eat-in outdoor seating. This has become really, really old. I have come to hate my cooking. In fact the concept of "food" is getting unappetizing.
  12. In high season today, corn is like 8/$1 in California Central Valley. LIke Lodi. 5/$1 in supermarkets. I can't remember hearing the term heirloom tomato in the '70s tho I'm sure Alice Waters was touting old fashioned back yard tomatoes at that time.
  13. How to make the best of a bad thing, aka exercise.
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