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  1. I think this is why you and I rarely like the same foods. I'm not exactly sure how you were able to do this, but I believe that you have attributed Cabrales' quote to Pim. We should straighten the record, since these two (Cabrales and Pim) have expressed opposite opinions regarding Roellinger's cuisine. Non?
  2. You might be surprised to learn that many/most Europeans define 'American' as what they have learned from tourists from New York.
  3. Point of clarification: she didn't ask me. She seemed very proud of her deduction. This happens often. I answer, but depending on the context, I might ask why s/he wanted to know, if the reason wasn't clear to me already. "Are you Jewish?" strikes me as a different question from "Where are you from?" although I can guess that a lot of people on this thread might not see it that way. I don't find "Where are you from" offensive, ever, even though I know that plenty of people hate New York and New Yorkers and there may be a semi-hidden anti-Semitic agenda buried in the question. "Are you Jewish?" depends much more on context, and, as I said above, is highly offensive when the intention is to try to ascertain whether or not my soul needs saving. Now, go ahead, everyone -- make me into an insensitive racist. I'm not Jewish, but if anyone asked me if I were Catholic, Methodist, Republican or Communist (and I am, for the record, none of the above) I would be put-off. None of these categories are in the slightest the business of anyone I haven't already outed myself to. Nor can I think of a situation where I have ever been asked such a question except in a census questionaire. In France, we are most often taken as English. We correct them to American, which usually comes as a complete surprise. (A topic for another thread might be "how other countries define americans".) Another topic concept: when you first wake up in the morning, at your first consciousness, how do you remember yourself? Me? Female, married, San Franciscan.
  4. This is a very useful site, Tana. Many thanks!
  5. Just something to ponder. Some 40 years ago, thinking that we should get out of the city, my husband and I checked out lots at Point Reyes. There were a few (read: to die for) available. However, this was exactly as the federal government "condemned" the area, i.e., voted its intention to buy all available land to establish a national park. So we chatted up existing householders, were told that there was a very strong neighborhood association that was lobbying for exclusion of all 'current' landholders. Really, really tempting, no? So we make the trip up to attend a meeting of 'interested parties', and walked into a hornet's nest. Every single owner was concerned only about grandfathering only his own holding. Screw everyone else. On the ride home, we decided that we would probably be squeezed by both the government and the present owners, so we stayed in town and looked elsewhere for a weekend home. To this date, the area that we investigated is pleasantly inhabited by people who bought and built while the feds were getting their act together. Maybe there is a message in this for some of you. Maybe not.
  6. I think Lippy said it before, you should "store" your Donvier insert in your freezer. That means that you don't put it in 24 or 48 or 72 hours before you want to make ice cream. It lives in your freezer. You take it out, make ice cream, wash it and return it to the freezer. You can, contrary to instructions, stuff it full of oddments while in the freezer, so it really doesn't take up that much extra space. I think that that should solve your problem.
  7. Shades of Tom Jones!
  8. I think snoods are so cool!
  9. What we do: Take the train from Paris and pick up the car in the country. Use SCNF's 'train and car' package: Reserve both your train ticket and your rental car through SCNF at the same time by internet or telephone. (SCNF's English language telephone number from the US =; within France, add a 0 in front of the 8.) Advantages: SCNF guarantees you the cheapest car rental rate from their partners (Avis, Hertz, National, Alamo). Rates include most insurance free. Avis is located at most gares. And best of all, if the car rental office is closed when you want to return your car, you simply turn in your car key to the SCNF ticket agent! We have done this latter several times on Sundays, when Avis has been closed on Sundays, and it has worked beautifully, even tho we were 'doubting Thomases' the first time we did it. Enjoy.
  10. The lasting influence of scent: I have worn 'Eau d'Hadrian' for years and years, but for no good reason not long ago put on instead a spritz of Nina Ricci 'L'Air du Temps'. Our son came over and within minutes asked, "What perfume are you wearaing? It's really beautiful." I had to smile as I told him what it was: the perfume I wore when he was an infant.
  11. voyager


    No quibbles with the recommendations, and, in fact, an endorsement for Les Platanes. But I do wish that the article had included the incredible chocolate and pastry opportunities at Place Clemenceau, where across the street from each other are Chocolat Henriet and Chez Paries. One could just camp out on this intersection and become increasingly ill albeit happy! There is also within walking distance of this area, a notable Chocolate Museum, however I have always been too involved with the real thing to try to learn about history and custom.
  12. (Cucumber and green pepper) Pickles and half sours are really a piece of cake. They require very small initial attention and then an large dose of patience.
  13. I was born and grew up in Santa Cruz County, Tana, and your posts make me ache for this heart of God's country. Why was I so callow to leave for what looked to me in my youth to be 'greener pastures'. You have it all. I hang on your every post.
  14. I haven't seen this book, but John Ash has fed my family extremely well for years. I would trust his guidance.
  15. voyager

    Duck Burgers

    I like the concept but I shrink from using duckmeat in a treatment that clearly disguises the meat. Maybe pork? Unless, of course, you are a hunter with excess duckmeat to dispose of. Nice overall recipe, though. Many thanks.
  16. I'd almost forgotten about Elysium, and I've got a bottle on the shelf. I always thought it tasted like roses. Never thought of pairing it with gorgonzola. Thanks, Tana. I'll buy some gorgonzola!
  17. We have little fans (maybe 4" square) on either side of the bed. When either of us first hears a mosquito, we flick on the fan. Mosquitoes are disoriented by moving air, and will stay out of the airstream from the fan. We even take two of these fans with us when we travel in the summer, using converters for foreign outlets. They have been worth their weight in DutyFree many times! We swear by diDelamine gel for bug bites, over-the-counter and not expensive. Immediate relief. Also purported to work is a drop of common household ammonia.
  18. Thanks for this lovely thread! I spend weekends in 90+ temps, and constantly look for other than tried-and-true red gaspacho and friends. One of my faves is a cold cucumber/beet puree thinned with veal broth and creme fraiche, served with a dollop of dill or horseradish chantily.
  19. I was SO lucky. My mother was born in 1892. She taught me to wash vegetables before I ate them raw. To smell EVERYTHING that came from storage, i.e., refrigerator or pantry. To keep hot foods hot and to keep cold foods cold. That you can live rather well without a lot of meat; she always put meat in front of us at every meal, but usually left much of hers on her plate, and gave it to the family pet/s. She said that in her day, people believed that eating cherries and milk at the same sitting was dangerous, but that she doubted it. That you should wait an hour after eating to swim, because your body was using its resources to process the food and that it was said that you might develop cramps that might hinder your water safety. She was just so, so reasonable. And so before her day.
  20. voyager


    It's all perception. I thrill when I drive past ANY airport! I lust for travel. The only airport I loathe is O'Hare, but I've never spent enough time in the airport itself (only at adjacent airport hotels when heldover !) to know if the airport as such held any charm. Never wanted to get more aquainted with it either...
  21. No, I just love the french because they make me feel so happy.
  22. voyager


    Are our divergent opinions based on the terminal we use? Terminal 1 is, if aging, at least functional. We jump from there to either cab or Roissybus. Piece of cake. I can see that if you are trying to work a more complicated transfer it might be a bitch. Your more definitive take?
  23. What brand of cassis do you use? I find enormous difference in fruit flavor among them. For kirs we use Supercassis brand out of Dijon, decently priced at around $18./750 ml. Your thoughts?
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