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  1. The original Regina's in the North End. And any of the Mangia's....
  2. Fish cakes usually contain some shrimp as a binder...Next time I'm there, and they don't have long beans (which are in season, BTW), I'm going to ask for Tirk Kreoung Pahok, which is pretty much the same as the ingredients in the Long bean salad, but without the beans. They usually give you cabbage, Thai eggplants, and beans to dip into it...I discovered this at another Cambodian place in Lynn, Mittapheap.
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    I think my all time favorite video,tho.... I especially like the literal video version... 8HE9OQ4FnkQ Enough to make an 80's storyboard artist wet her pants.....
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    I think my all time favorite video,tho....
  5. When crafts go bad.... I am CHOKING I'm laughing so hard....This is the funniest thing I've seen in months...You have to read the commentary on each one....
  6. what variety is it? one of my cherry tomato plants is taller than me (6'+). it is not in a pot, of course. Don't know. I have a "matchstick garden": little cardboard stakes with seeds embedded in them, in a matchbook. I've mostly gotten basil and oregano; this is the first tomato plant that grew. Well, the tomato plant is more than 5 feet tall and still growing. Still no tomatoes though. One of my heirlooms, on the only healthy plant in my garden, has exactly one striped Zebra on it...
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    The Duggars

    I readTC a part of the article that said she needed a C-Section for the 19th, and he said, "After 18, didn't it just fall out?"
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    Sheila Lukins

    I believe she had a stroke....
  9. Check out this podcast from VPR on artisanal Vermont cheeses, with aAlison Hooper from VBCC...Vermont Artisanal Cheese Podcast
  10. I've been buying that rosemary ham for awhile, minus the grease. That rosemary ham IS the best tasting ham in the world. I'm not kidding. Yup, I do demos for them. Yup, I don't eat meat. Yet, since I DO have to tell people what the stuff tastes like, I stealed myself for the experience...It was f**kin' great! I couldn't believe it! This stuff is a whole muscle (all three muscles) of the hog leg. They all come from ranching consortia like Niman Ranch (we DO all know that Niman Ranch is not one ranch, but a consortium of small family farms who agree to farm by the same set of standards,
  11. Sponsored by Vermont Butter and Cheese Company, The Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese at the University of Vermont and the Vermont Cheese Council. It's on 8.23.09, pay $20.00, you go up to Shelburne Farm, and you get to visit with, like a hundred cheese makers and artisanal producers, taste the stuff, see demos, and buy it if you want. The day before, Saturday, August 22, a bunch of them are having Open Houses. Meet the goats, etc.. This is a crazy event; I'm actually going up to sample cheese with the VBCC people, and even TC has decided he'd rather go up there than wait for me to proc
  12. I'm such a goober – that brought tears to my eyes. Oh, wait...I'm premenstrual. Nevermind. I cried, too. But I also laughed a lot. The 'white people' dancing was (i think intentionally) awful, and the song was even worse, but the infectious joy and the effort they put into spreading it is pretty moving, at least to me. I love the way she comes down the aisle by herself and he (after his spectacular entrance) comes to meet her halfway. I really think the whole thing is genius. I would have loved to have been there. OMIGod, I was just weeping, it is SO joyful...I don't think
  13. I think I may need more room, and more sun, both of which are a losing proposition. TC values"The lawn"above all else....Sigh....You can't eat it; or,at least, we can't..I keep asking for a goat, but NOOOOOOO....
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    I was at DiFra's the first (and I assume only) time a former poster whose nom de Mouthfuls paid homage to a Spanish Blue cheese. Said poster repeatedly asked me, sotto voce, "Is this how the dish is generally eaten? Are these dark areas on the crust what is appropriate for the cuisine?" It was also about 90 degrees outside... Hee hee.....
  15. Ummmm,maybe.... There was an episode with an old box of Miracle-gro...we are transitional.... Plus, they are a little close; what about that sq.ft gardening stuff? Miracle-Gro, gasp!! It's been a while since I did square-foot gardening, so I don't remember the directions for tomatoes - if one could plant four tomatoes in a 4x4 plot. Someone else here should be able to tell you. From our Aggie Horticulture site on tomatoes: "Make the transplant holes 3-4 inches deep, and 2-4 feet apart in the row. Space rows at least 3 feet apart for staked or caged plants. For unsupported pl
  16. I always heard Q: What's Irish and sits outside in the summertime? A: Paddy O'Furniture
  17. Ummmm,maybe.... There was an episode with an old box of Miracle-gro...we are transitional.... Plus, they are a little close; what about that sq.ft gardening stuff?
  18. Are they getting eight hours of sunshine [not just morning light] a day? Hmmm. Probably close; mostly noon and after, actually. We moved some hostas, (hearty perennial, or useless weed?)so they're getting more sunlight than they eve have. you think that's it?
  19. perhaps unnecessary clarification: my point here was that when the private lives of celebrities become public spectacle, disinterest in these lives can become difficult to sustain. the public spectacle should not distort the estimation of the art but in itself is fair game for critique. given what's happened recently to the scant back "catalogs" of less prolific figures such as jeff buckley and biggie smalls, not to mention tupac shakur, the posthumous jackson industry will probably surpass the hendrix industry in a year or so (and there's lots of books and films to come). but i'm less co
  20. My tomato plants are spindley, even tho they're setting fruit...Too much fertilizer?
  21. Fabulous Vermont Cheese fest, Aug.22-23... Do you have your tickets yet? http://www.vtcheesefest.com/index.html
  22. And made from cow's milk in Wisconsin! Who would have guessed!
  23. No, I just checked, becasue one of my products is a chutney, and some stores that sell it are near tourist sights......Only checked baggage....
  24. do you plant your tomatoes in the same place every year? I've been rotating them between two separate plots, which seems to have reduced blights, etc I actually put them in a new spot this year! I have heavily sprayed with copper, which had two days on the plants before our latest downpour...We'll see...
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