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  1. Certainly not bad at all. We chose from the lunch prix fixe and some more expensive items were not available within those options. Was ready to order the sweetbread dish I saw in their online menu but it was not available. We enjoyed it but it lacked oomph.
  2. We were there a few nights ago and had wonderful soft shell crabs. The duck with my noodles was tasty too. We like this place.
  3. I would certainly welcome more talking about restaurants or whatever or even New Jersey food.
  4. Right. Sometimes we travel when we are able to. Bring on the frying pan!
  5. Thanks for the heads up Evelyn. Hopefully it wont be too bad for us coming from Puerto Rico where is hot and humid most of the year. Any prime spots you care to recommend?
  6. Going to New Orleans for a few days staring on July 4th (better prices for flight and hotel room). Hope it is not too hot. Any dining or live music recommendations are welcome-looking at Mitchells report from above. I think my last time there was 2016 but first time for my wife. I have been watching a lot of the HBO series Treme these days to get in New Orleans shape.
  7. First food forum for me. Probably mid/late nineties. Learned a lot and remember reading every thread on every topic. Then it got too big or I got busier but was the go to place (for me ) for Manhattan and Paris (France) for many years. Met many of the people that later moved to eGullet and then here. Still did some searches as recently as last month but clearly stopped being the site it was many, many years ago. Still, as stated by others, a bummer.
  8. Add me to the list of Le Clarence endorsers. Ate here in January earlier this year and had the 5 dish lunch which was more like 20+. I felt it was as good as many of the Parisian three stars. Some pictures below. https://www.instagram.com/p/B7LQie6BT6K/
  9. I remember him from 20/20. Am also posting this to signal being alive.
  10. The burger is ok but I really liked the burnt broc side. One of my favorite things a few weeks ago.
  11. I was there twice last week and enjoyed it very much. I went early both times so the place was emptyish when I arrived and 3/4 when Ileft before 800 pm. I put some pictures in my IG of the food and the menu for the second visit.
  12. A collective oversight now patched with some attempts at humor. This is Mouthfulsfood.
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