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  1. This, exactly (and in the '70s). I still have every issue of his two newsletters.
  2. ahr


    When he opens Health, his Asian-vegetarian fusion place.
  3. ahr

    Tia Pol

    How about viciously humourless? (NOT a dig at you, but too good to pass up.) [Just passing through...]
  4. ahr

    BBQ Tasting

    I had the pleasure of dining at Pearson's UES last week, and the ribs were excellent. If, however, business that evening was typical, Newsday may soon be publishing another such story.
  5. ahr


    Isn't it just like Dom to tell customers which ingredients each day are good and which are not? I won't hesitate to order artichokes again on his recommendation--in season or not.
  6. ahr


    Still sautéed; just frozen to start with rather than fresh.
  7. ahr


    Fear not. As of about two weeks ago, Dom was using frozen artichokes, which, in his opinion--and to my untutored palate--were essentially indistinguishable in taste and texture from the fresh item when baked in a pizza, absent a side-by-side comparison.
  8. A red Brandywine purchased from Keith's on Wednesday was the best I've had so far this year.
  9. A number of lunches of the $20 and $30 variety over the course of the summer have proven deliciously satisfying.
  10. ahr

    Burgers in NY

    I had dinner the other night with some of the Burger Club guys & gals at New York Burger Co., initially much praised elsewhere. Unfortunately, the food on the tray added up to less than the sum of its attractive parts -- though better-balanced when ordered as a double. On the way back, we passed through Madison Square Park. The scent of grease from the Shake Shack was so seductive that one of us bought a burger, which, based on just a tiny taste, was very promising.
  11. I never understood NC barbecue until I spent several days there last year, trying about six of the places in Lexington. Of these, I liked Lexington #1 the best; by the time I left, I could almost imagine eating no other kind of Q. There's a bunch of good discussion of NCQ over on eGullet.
  12. At last, something upon which we can all agree: Friends don't let friends -- much less loved ones -- anywhere near AOL.
  13. Nick, for shame! When you buy a Mac, the terrorists win.
  14. I thought that the site rules prohibited religious and political advocacy. Doesn't this Mac evangelism smell of both?
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