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  1. Where are we? Where have we gone? Entertainers are banished from studios and required to come up with various Zoom and YouTube options. One that appeared last evening was a very loose camp parody of some cat horror film mashed up with Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte entitled Pussy Fright! There are limits to the formats that seem in this pandemic time to require actors to perform in their own abodes apart from others subject to the limitations of backgrounds and distance. Some seem to have mastered the ability to create backgrounds. Others, nada.
  2. I'm with you. Going to a restaurant and picking up take out is just not the same as being there and enjoying a meal with others in the vicinity. But, hey, stay safe.
  3. hollywood

    Hecky Powell

    An Evanston institution. https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/evanston/ct-evr-hecky-powell-evanston-tl-0528-20200522-edfdufyafze6phhvkzjqphbjie-story.html
  4. "Clair accepted the inevitability of the talking picture but at first retained very specific views about the way that sound should be integrated into film. He was reluctant to use dialogue or sound effects naturalistically, and maintained that the alternate use of the image of the subject and of the sound produced by it - not their simultaneous use - created the best effect."
  5. Gee, thanks Mrs. Cleaver. https://theweek.com/speedreads/915095/ken-osmond-actor-who-portrayed-eddie-haskell-leave-beaver-dies-76
  6. Anthony Lane has an insightful and timely piece on plague films in the current issue. And it seems he had the virus.
  7. So, Jay-Z highlighted game 6, by which he apparently meant the winning game of the second three-peat of 1998. https://theundefeated.com/features/nba-finals-history-jordan-hits-jumper-over-russell-to-win-1998-title/ To me, in terms of Jordan's character, Jay should have focused on game 5 of the prior year's series in which Michael played not with the flu but with food poisoning and won. Anyway episodes 9 & 10 have their merits.
  8. hollywood

    Fred Willard

    I agree but the Tiki Theatre is such a weird little low rent spot, I find it hard to imagine him gracing the place with his presence. A lapse, I suppose. https://www.yelp.com/biz/tiki-theatre-los-angeles
  9. Episodes 7 & 8 of "The Last Dance." Michael's father is murdered. Michael quits basketball. Michael plays AA baseball, hits .202. Michael returns to the Bulls (as #45), acts like a dick but regains his skills (as #23). What will happen when he and the Bulls face Reggie Miller and the Pacers? Stay tuned.
  10. Maybe not a great idea, but I really needed a haircut after a lapse of nearly 3 months. So I went to Cypress Park (not East LA), a small area between Highland Park and downtown Los Angeles that is hard to get to directly. There, on the apron of a trailer park lot in the open air, I had my locks cut nicely but not legally by a younger woman covered head to toe wearing a mask and gloves. She's a barber whose shop is closed. I feel it worked for both of us. Just another 2020 conspiracy.
  11. Thanks for the link. I see Pim got mentioned for Nari.
  12. As a point of incidental trivia, a friend (Karen Bankhead) played Dorothy LaBostrie in a Richard biopic. LaBostrie toned down Richard's ribald lyrics to "Tutti Fruiti" so that Specialty Records could release it.
  13. Little Richard was /is sui generis. But Gasoline Alley is a fine album.
  14. Compare medley versions by the likes of Mitch Ryder, Delaney & Bonnie and Springsteen.
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