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  1. This has a rating of 48/49% on Rotten Tomatoes which strikes me as fair. The film has just about every black actor who wasn't in "Black Panther." You get Eddie and Arsenio in multiple roles. You get a story that goes on and on. You get En Vogue, John Legend, Salt-N-Pepa and Gladys Knight. The story is humorous/silly. The acting is broad. As always, a little Leslie Jones goes a long way. Wesley Snipes, in the role formerly played by the late Calvin Lockhart, nearly steals the show unfortunately he doesn't get enough screen time. Isn't it time for him to get the lead in a real film? Th
  2. The last of the originals. R.I.P.
  3. The US is lifting tariffs on EU wines and UK Scotch for 4 months. I'll drink to that.
  4. Morello has an interesting show on one of the Sirius Alt Rock channels. Sometimes he has his old mom on. She's amusing.
  5. "On" is the key word. The Replacements having the advantage of some great lyrics and good guitar work could wipe the floor with lots of folks but they were often on the floor drunk and disabled. Not saying that was an impediment to their greatness but it was a factor. Fortunately there are recordings on Twin Tone and Sire/WB documenting their insane genius. Their cassette only album, The Shit Hits the Fans, is a classic that says "Fuck you" and "Enjoy this" all at the same time.
  6. hollywood

    Fred Segal

    At 87. Trend-setting fashion icon whose Melrose & Crescent Heights store has for years been mecca for the hip and wannabe hip. https://deadline.com/2021/02/fred-segal-dies-iconic-retailer-defined-la-fashion-was-87-obituary-1234702405/
  7. I recall when people thought the speaker to speaker transmission of the sounds of bands like Rotary Connection was supposed to be cool. It helped if you were stoned.
  8. I watched the first 2 episodes of WandaVision on Disney+. Hit me from left field. Nothing like I anticipated. It's a sendup of 60s and 70s sitcoms but with a little Marvel magic. Clever and amusing.
  9. David Chan listens to Carly Rae Jepsen. Maybe. http://chandavkl.blogspot.com/2021/02/call-me-maybewhat.html
  10. Had my second dose of Moderna today. Again at the Dodger Stadium parking lot. Only took 90 minutes this time, but I came with provisions, tandoori chicken which hit the spot. Now, I am taking Tylenol to ward off any potential aches.
  11. The first 2 seasons are not currently available, at least on Sundance Now. Definitely hard to know who your friends are.
  12. Saw a couple of episodes of season 3 of "The Bureau" on Sundance Now. It's a French international spy/political thriller with this season apparently focused on ISIS and the Kurds and the French in Syria. Not free, but engaging.
  13. You are starting to sound like Wilf.
  14. 2018 Decoy Red Wine. This is Duckhorn's second label. It's a red blend (of quite a few things) and it's good.
  15. hollywood

    Larry Flynt

    I thought surely Sneak and I would be among his beneficiaries, but alas, apparently not.
  16. hollywood

    NFL 2020-21

    Now, Jeep has "paused" the ad because of a pending DWI charge.
  17. hollywood

    NFL 2020-21

    But see, "Nebraska" and "Western Stars."
  18. hollywood

    NFL 2020-21

    Maybe it means Jeep is woke?
  19. Peanuts are the coin of the realm.
  20. "The Equalizer" with Queen Latifah. I have to give some credit for her repeated reinventions: rapper, balladeer, sitcom actor, talk show host, dramatic actress and now action heroine. CBS seems to have spent a lot on this first episode. But the Queen does not appear to be getting any younger and/or is not having work done. How many stunt doubles will they need? Definitely a lot of good acting from people of color and others, high tech effects, etc. Props for a putdown of an Elon Musk character. Still, she's no Denzel and does not have the cool understated demeanor of Edward Woodward who
  21. hollywood

    NFL 2020-21

    So Piers sets up a strawman and wins. Sure, Piers. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9237229/PIERS-MORGAN-Tom-Brady-greatest-athlete-Sorry-America-doesnt-make-10.html
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