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  1. giri

    Ali G.

    So much easier to catch than the live ones. Brides too.
  2. giri

    Keep On Running

    haven't done anything in two weeks. too busy.
  3. Well, there is Angelina Jolie but Gina Gershon probably rules this particular roost.
  4. giri

    Trains in Spain

    What makes you think those are mutually exclusive?
  5. eye of newt, taste of ass make it burgundy in my glass
  6. Kiku missed this one. MS Excel in MacOffice is actually much better than the current versions of Excel on Windows. I know because I use both (Mac at home). The Mac team they have in Redmond is brilliant and the regular Office guys steal as much as they can from them.
  7. giri

    Keep On Running

    Took three days off, then ran my 5K route again yesterday. I expected to have a hard time but I had a great run, with a PB of 27:30!
  8. Ya know, some people wait lifetimes before writing the phrase "it has been sexed by Balic". Maybe Kiku did.
  9. giri

    Taste of Eelam

    "Eelam" would mean it's Tamil. BTW, the "l" in Eelam isn't really an "l." Ask the guys there how to say it, there is no equivalent consonant in the English language.
  10. giri

    Keep On Running

    Yes, good article in the NYT. Macro's right (except that 20degs wouldn't translate to 20%, it's a function of the sine of the angle, yadda yadda). I tried that yesterday and I think I ran easier but I don't know if some of that was psychological or not. The bit about keeping your hands low and fairly still is also a good tip. The one thing I would love to figure out is my optimal stride length. Have no idea how to do that on my own.
  11. I foresee a two hour drive to fix an emergency that should never have happened and isn't my fault instead of relaxing and drinking wine with friends. Oh, sorry. Wrong thread.
  12. What many people do not really grasp is that the probability of a specific event happening, given that it has already happened, is 1.
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