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Found 2 results

  1. Seth Gordon


    First things first: Go. If there's a splurge in your future, or if you're just loaded and do places like this all the time - go. Atomix is the 2018 (new) restaurant of the year. I took no pictures. It's 2018, search #atomix on Instagram, someone out there already took better pictures than I would have anyway, I'm sure. So I hesitate to do a whole course-by-course write up, because the plan at Atomix is to change the menu every season, and for all I know the current menu may turn over as soon as next week. But based on our first meal, this is among the most exciting new restaurants I've be
  2. Sneakeater


    Shuko is a new kaiseki place (located on that rather odd block of E. 12th between University and Broadway) opened by the guys who used to run Neta. It's now kaiseki with a lot of sushi courses; eventually, one hears, they plan to offer a sushi omekase as well. The food is slightly fushiony -- or, to put it more fairly, American-influenced -- and all the better for that, as far as I'm concerned (this being America and all). Aside from an apple pie slice at dessert, that means a slightly heavier hand with the fats than you might otherwise expect, and some unexpected flavor accents. The
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