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Found 3 results

  1. I don’t get the name. It could maybe be a punny moniker for a chicken sammie shop? But whatever. They’re very much not reinventing the wheel - just straightforward but very well executed food. The highlights, for us, were everything non-pasta. Puntarelle salad was very heavy on good anchovies. Tripe was fantastic, a traditional-ish trippa alla Romana. And while it felt stupid to pay $17 for a bowl of beans with salsa verde, that was some really good (and mildly interesting) salsa verde - scallion, sage, a slight chili heat. Caramelle were pretty forgettable. Spacatelli with duck
  2. Went here yesterday and couldn't find a topic on it, so figured it needed one. All the stuff a friend and I ordered, probably in order of how I liked them: Grandma Slice - the sauce is amazing. I think I only put it behind the fluffier Prince St. Spicy Spring and probably above Bleecker Street Pizza's Square Meatball Hero - even with making the mistake of getting this and the Italian Cold Cut to go (bread suffers) I could tell this is a must order sandwich Chicken Parm Hero - the only sandwich I got to try in the shop and that makes quite bit of difference, the bread was perfect, al
  3. Daniel


    A really good burger in a really pretty natural setting.. Walk directly from the S train and up a few blocks.. There you will see a few stands, located directly on the freshly built boardwalk., Burgers are very good. As good as shake shack I would imagine.. The fries were freaking excellent. An extra buck gets you tomatoes, an extra buck and a half gets you a smear of avocado. For three burgers, one cheese fry,m three ice teas and some tomato sides, the bill was 43 bucks. We sat on picnic benches and hung out for a bit. We sat on picnic benches and hung out for a bit.
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