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Found 4 results

  1. Sneakeater


    It's good. At its best it's VERY good. Excellent, even. Too bad they dropped meat. And too bad about the format.
  2. My wife, my sister and I ate at Fin yesterday evening. It was my birthday dinner. Here are some notes and observations. The entrance is via a long, strange, “gangplank” corridor, with a creaking wooden floor, which leads up into a fairly attractive dining room decorated with eclectic fisherman motifs. I felt that our welcome was cold and indifferent. My companions didn't sense that. When we were led to our table, I asked for another nearby as it was open on all four sides and the first abutted a pillar. The change was done without difficulty.. At our table was a bread “bas
  3. Daniel


    We had a really lovely meal here the other night... On a hunt for some good Greek seafood, we ended up at this Egyptian restaurant, very close to Ali's. The place is bare bones, there is a small display filled with fish on ice, some cheap decor and cheap tables with pictures of Koi on them.. Jax was in love with the table.. The staff is friendly and very laid back.. When the four of us arrived, we were the only people in the place, they had a high chair for J man and all was good.. We started with the incredible and I mean freaking incredible Pita and Tahini. Hot and freshly
  4. Hi everyone! Im excited because Im flying to Baltimore just to attend this huge event in a couple months I've some partners that will be exposed at the festival. "Baltimore Seafood Festival proudly shows off some of the city's most popular cuisine. Restaurants serve fish, lobster, crab and oyster alongside beer, wine and cocktails for a scrumptious tribute to the local tradition of seafood. Additional entertainment includes live music and cooking demonstrations, making Baltimore Seafood Festival a well-rounded and satisfying destination that is open to the entire family."
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