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Found 5 results

  1. Sneakeater


    From Eater: What a funny name for a store.
  2. Sneakeater


    Otway is the successor to Tilda All Day, a brunchy cafe at the corner of Fulton and St. James in Clinton Hill that was highly regarded. Tilda was co-owned by Chef Claire Welle and backers Samantha Safer and Daniel Nusbaum. The two women got into a dispute with Nusbaum, the place closed, reopened in a different form without him or Welle, closed again, and now has become this new venture with Welle back in the kitchen backed by Safer. FWIW, the kitchen is staffed entirely by women. But the big news is Chef Welle, who had her highest previous kitchen position at Mas(Farmhouse) but had also worked at Gwynnett St., Picholine, and Tartine Bakery in San Francisco. She is, on the basis of one dinner, an excellent chef, producing straightforward but imaginative New American food with clear, forthright flavors, very compelling. The menu is small but appealing. I started with the fried tripe, and that's just what it is: a bowl of cleanly fried tripe sticks, with a nice tart dipping sauce. Then the squab with mincemeat and a root vegetable tart: also just what it says it is, and delicious. Burnt nut pudding for dessert. This is a neighborhood place. Not necessarily worth a journey. But you'd be nuts not to consider trying it if you're in the neighborhood.
  3. Daniel

    Emily Pizza

    919 Fulton St Brooklyn, NY 11238United States pizzalovesemily.com Funny enough, I was at the same community board meeting with the fine folks at the Emily over a year ago. Just to give you an idea of how long I have been waiting to open my place.. While we have gone to Emily a few times over the last year, yesterday was the first time I really remember being there. It's amazing how much adulation this place has received. I am really so happy for them. So, yesterday we started with two salads: The first was a spinach salad, the second was a kale salad. Spinach salad was really nice. Beautiful spinach actually. Really lovely. I think it had toasted soy beans as well and really lovely radishes. The kale salad while good, was a little less memorable.. They had dried cherries. But, the predominant flavor was lemon. Very few people can get me excited about a kale salad.. this was good but, not too exciting. The star of the show is the pizza.. This is really nice. It is super cheesy and has this beautiful creamy mozzarella. More saucy than your traditional Neapolitan. i am a big fan this pizza, the colony was really not my favorite.. Miss A liked it just fine, i thought the honey didn't really much. I have other pizza's with honey where I enjoyed.. I just didn't like it so much. the next pizza was also a meaty dish.. It was the RM13 or something to that affect.. It had fontina, bentons ham, the same pepporoni that the colony had and some sausage.. I found this to be delicious though, my favorite of the day remains the regular pizza. Staff was awesome, room was lovely. A perfect neighborhood spot.. So fortunate to have them in my neighborhood.. It's been so wild watching all of these wonderful places pop up.
  4. Sneakeater

    The Finch

    The Finch is a standard-issue New American restaurant that recently opened on the corner of Greene and Grand Aves. (i.e., ridiculously close to Daniel's) in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Its chef/owner, Gabe McMackin, is most noted now for having worked at Roberta's -- although it's perhaps more pertinent, for understanding this restaurant, that he also worked in such places as Sperry's in Saratoga (and yeah, I guess I should say it, BHSB and GT) and as a corporate chef for Martha Stewart. This is a very good New American restaurant. The problem is, that style is so played out, it's hard to be distinctive. So -- once a certain quality level is reached (as it certainly is here) -- what counts are convenience (good for me, Seth, and Aaron; amazingly good for Daniel; not so good for the rest of the rest of you), atmosphere/ambience, and price. As for atmosphere, I'd say this place is sort of like Prospect -- but much nicer. The GM wears turn-of-the-20th Century formalwear, an affectation that struck me as kind of charming if silly. The room is not dominated by the bar, the way Prospect's is. Well, the much less-appealing front room is (in a more ambitious restaurant, it would be used as a separate tavern room with its own menu). But the main dining room, in the back, is lovely, emphasizing the attractive bones of the building they're in, fronted by a dining counter on the kitchen. It's very nice. As for price, people complain it's expensive for the neighborhood. And maybe it is. But you're not going to get food quite like this for less than the $20-$30 their entrees cost. So the question is, can these "new" Brooklyn neighborhoods support restaurants of this quality (high-end neighborhood dining)? Park Slope has shown it won't. I'm not optimistic for Clinton Hill. It's a tough choice. I could see someone saying that, to charge more than the local competition, you should be offering something much better, rather than marginally better. But I can also see the response: this is why we can't have nice things. If The Finch were a bit better -- like, say, Dover -- the issue wouldn't come up. COMP DISCLOSURE: A plate of pasta and some extra wine pours. (If you want to get treated regally by a new restaurant, come in as a solo upper-middle-aged male, apparently knowledgeable about wine and willing to spend on it, on Valentine's Day. You can see them comtemplating the potential gold mine.)
  5. Daniel

    Dosa Royale

    Miss K loves herself some butter chicken.. Really, which child wouldn't. It is like chicken in a buttery tomato soup.. So, on her last night in town, we wanted to hit up this place before taking her to camp.. turns out there was no buttery chicken.. but, she was still happy and it was a fun dinner.. Recently opened, or recently moved from Carroll Gardens as their website says, they have moved to Clinton Hill a few weeks ago.. Apparently, they also have a space at the Brooklyn Flea and they are the same owners of the Italian restaurant, Dino, which is located next door in Clinton Hill as well.. Chicken 65: It reminded me of Indian Chinese Food.. It was fried and sticky and sweet, a little spicy.. "eh" tandori chicken: the flavor was ok.. i would guess it was in the marinade just a day too long as it was a bit mushy: Chopped veggie samosa with some yogurt and tomato, cilantro, whatever else.. It was the Samosa Chaat "eh" Fried sticky sweet cauliflower.. eh Eggplant Kulambu: not even very Eh Chicken Chettinad: "eh" Coconut Rice: Easily the best thing: Will have to go back and try their Dosa which actually look pretty damn delicious.. I would not repeat anything we ate with the exception of the coconut rice.. Maybe one of the fried sweet things but, eh..
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