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mexico city / oaxaca recs?

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DF -La Opera. it's right by the palacio de bellas artes. At lunch there's a lot of workers from the financial district, so dress up a little. I remember having chicken livers in a pasilla chile and garlic sauce.


Oaxaca - take a cab to the rug weaving town of teotitlan de valle and go to Tlamanalli, a small restaurant run by a family of Zapotec sisters. i think their father is a weaver. they're only open for lunch. they only offer a menu del dia. i remember having a mole coloradito (red mole w/ chicken, the chickens come from the back yard), squash blossom soup, and a sorbet of 'fruta azteca', whatever that is.

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We ate at Tlamanalli when we were there in February. I think of this as one of my favorite restaurant meals ever. Had some sort of chicken stew with a spice I hadn't had before (Hierba Santa? kind of minty). We might just chill in teotitlan del valle for a day or two and get some rugs, and we really want to go back to this place.

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it was also one of my favorite. so much so that i went back twice the same week. :D


are you flying between DF and oaxaca or driving? if you're driving las mananitas in cuernavaca is worth a stop too.


there is another place in oaxaca, north of town and the pan-american highway where the specialize in grilled meats. they bring you out a little grill full of different cuts of meat, onions, peppers, and queso de oaxaca. it was excellent. much more of a place for locals than tourists. it may not be there anymore because the place had a thatch roof :D

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