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Found 11 results

  1. LaRina is nice little pasta-and-wine spot that opened on Myrtle Avenue in Fort Greene. It's a neighborhood place -- but a quite good one. What I like about it is that the cooking is fresh, imaginative, and light. You don't see the same too-heavy rustic Italian dishes they serve at every trattoria in every neighborhood in the City. These are all freshly conceived -- and very deftly so. The cooking is deft, too. (Surprisingly so for a place like this.) I started with a pea and farro salad, which was nice. Then the rye fazzoletti with ramp pesto and burrata, which was more than nice
  2. there isn’t a thread devoted to this restaurant but there are various mentions all around the site. we’re having dinner there tonight and it’ll be our second time. our initial visit was in 2018 and ‘twas very memorable. sfgate review from 2011 blurb in eater, earlier in 2023 may 2016 review 1772 sacramento (van ness)
  3. I don’t get the name. It could maybe be a punny moniker for a chicken sammie shop? But whatever. They’re very much not reinventing the wheel - just straightforward but very well executed food. The highlights, for us, were everything non-pasta. Puntarelle salad was very heavy on good anchovies. Tripe was fantastic, a traditional-ish trippa alla Romana. And while it felt stupid to pay $17 for a bowl of beans with salsa verde, that was some really good (and mildly interesting) salsa verde - scallion, sage, a slight chili heat. Caramelle were pretty forgettable. Spacatelli with duck
  4. Diancecht

    one fifth

    marc forgione, chef de cuisine at blt prime, who then went on to american cut and khe-yo right now he’s collaborating with his dad, legendary chef larry forgione at one fifth one fifth avenue (east 8th street) blurb in the nytimes thrillist
  5. Sneakeater


    Fausto is the replacement restaurant in the Franny's space on Flatbush Avenue in Park Slope. It's run by Joey Campanale, formerly the wine guy from the dell'Anima group, and Erin Shambura, formerly the executive chef of that group's L'Artusi. Needless to say, I closed the place down opening night. Fausto is a solid neighborhood Italian spot. I'd put it at about the level of dell'Anima (meaning it seems to me to be a bit better than L'Artusi). The food is good. Nothing startling, of course, just good and satisfying. We started with an antipasto of shredded chicory with hard-cooked egg.
  6. I'm a sheep, so of course I went to Mark's Off Madison Tuesday night after it got its Pete Wells Times rave. (I'd been putting it off, but the review gave me the kick in the ass I needed.) It's located, as you know, in the space that housed the original A Voce. The big news here is the Jewish appetizing at brunch, which people just love -- and I now see they serve brunch late enough that I might conceivably get there some day. But the dinner menu certainly has its appeal, at least if you're me. Pete Wells nailed it: it's mainly Italian food as viewed by a Jewish guy Straussman’s
  7. Cafe Altro Paradiso is Chef Ignacio Mattos and wine guy Thomas Carter's follow-up to their wildly successful Estela. Before becoming a star at Estela, Chef Mattos cooked at the ill-fated New ______ restaurant Isa in Brooklyn. He said that at this new place, he wanted to cook straight-out Italian. The world missing from that last sentence is "again". Because the place Chef Mattos first attracted attention in New York, before he opened at Isa, was Il Buco. Quality went way up at Il Buco when he started there -- and dropped when he left. So although Chef Mattos is South American by birth
  8. My sister, my wife and I had dinner Sunday afternoon at Rezza. We have had several excellent meals there before, and today was no exception. What was different was the presence of a huge, very lively bridal shower part. In spite of the increased workload, the chefs and the waitstaff performed admirably. We were brought a small plate of an excellent sourdough bread, from Manhattan's Sullivan Street Bakery. We enthusiastically consumed three plates of the bread and the olive oil for dipping in the course of our meal. For starters, my wife had grilled octopus again. It was tender and sav
  9. Sometimes Yelp is useful. You have to know how to parse the reviews but if you put the energy into it you can find some worthwhile places. We were looking for a solid Italian American place that would also serve as a Sunday lunch spot. I think we have one. Vesuvio has been around since 1953. That can mean that the place is stale but it can also mean they continue to please people. I think the second case applies here. Obviously the place has gotten a facelift or two. Initially when you walk in you're greeted by a quick serve / take out area. On either side, around the left and ri
  10. I've put off writing this place up for more than a week because I literally can't think of anything to say about it. It's Italian. I quite liked the food. There is nothing to recommend it over a million similar places. It's in the space on 9th St. that last housed The Lion. It's a lot friendlier (how could it not be?). They did a good job on the dining room, which is very nice in that Le Coucou almost-formal-but-not-quite way (to be clear, it's not quite as almost-formal as Le Coucou). You walk into the bar area, which -- I think to the restaurant's consternation -- has complet
  11. Daniel

    PT Restaurant

    331 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 388-7438 I have to say, the room is gorgeous.. It's dark, it's romantic, it has touches of rustic beauty.. The staff was wonderful. Our waiter was warm and friendly and just on the mark. Even the person sitting us was so nice and friendly.. Everything about the experience was terrific, until the food arrived.. The wife and I have been wanting to try this place for some time. We are big on Italian Food..Even Italian American Food, we find ourselves liking. We sit down in a candle lit room, our server comes over and presents us with some har
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