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  1. damage control “Had I known, or Momofuku known, that ‘chile crunch’ was a tautology — basically the same as ‘chile crisp’ — we would never have named it ‘chile crunch.’” Chang expresses regret that Momofuku’s action could be read as “taking Chinese cultural heritage from people.”
  2. this is a well-reported piece, and i thought that it might interest more than a few of you.
  3. A longtime San Francisco hyper-local news site is using generative AI for the vast majority of its recent, “originally reported” stories — without clear disclosures to the extent of its use. A substantial chunk of content on Hoodline’s website in recent months — save for a handful of stories reported and written by a few longtime (human) contributors — appears to be produced by a synthetic text generator. “This is straight-up AI spam,” Max Spero, the CEO of AI content detection firm Pangram Labs, told Gazetteer SF after reviewing a selection of stories published on Hoodline in March. “It is very obvious.” Additionally, these stories are bylined by a rotating cast of five authors, most, if not all, of whose bylines appear to be AI-generated fabrications. Some of these writers have been published on the site since at least May 2023. click for more
  4. if any of you are on threads, the new twitter clone, there’s this app called beli supposedly, they have their own list based off pete’s. le bernardin came in at 9 while torrisi clocked in at 2 or 3
  5. well, i remember the 5.8 earthquake that struck virginia in 2011 i’ll never forget it. it’s not often you’re in an office on the 37th floor of a 40-story building feeling the whole infrastructure shake like a pack of cards.
  6. when i showed the jello mold to hubby, he exclaimed “Peeps are for putting in the microwave and making them blow up real good”
  7. oh, you mean these? jello salad with peeps 🧐🤣😉
  8. seen five minutes ago at an andronico’s (basically a slightly pricier safeway)
  9. a bit off topic although it’s michelin-related bad food in france i guess you can dine poorly anywhere but for some reason, it stings more when experiencing that in a far away country known for its cuisine.
  10. anyway, each issue is $25 and you can order from kitchen arts and letters
  11. ha preferably the version pre-ruth reichl i’m afraid that’s unlikely 😞
  12. i don’t know if any of you have heard but saveur is publishing a print version again. it’s a semi-annual for now. the spring/summer 2024 issue arrived in the mail today.
  13. Diancecht

    Frog Club

    If you wish for an of-the-moment drink, there’s the pricey Dirty Kermit, $26, featured with a trademark symbol on the drinks list. This is no dirty martini, but Frog Club’s play on a Bloody Mary: It’s green with chunky green tomatoes, and an olive garnish made to look like the Muppet’s eyes. 🧐
  14. Diancecht

    Frog Club

    no photo policy and $34 hamburgers
  15. our guests demolished our spread. i guess that means we’ll be doing more tacos in the future. 😍 the short ribs were seared on all sides in canola oil, then oven braised in a sauce consisting of guajillo chiles, chipotle chiles, onion, garlic, water, cumin, salt, pepper, mexican oregano and modelo negra for four hours. i reduced some of the chiles because hubby is sensitive to heat, but i suppose i needn’t have worried.
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