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  1. My favorite corn recipe is to eat freshly picked ears, just warmed up in hot water while listening to Georgie Jessel. More corny than that you can't get.
  2. That may be Church's version of Niagra Falls, but Olana is quite beautiful. It was recently reopened after renovations. Be sure to call ahead to reserve a tour. They are very booked up. Took this last year.
  3. from memory... one chicken cut into 8 pieces plus one breast cut into 4, 2 legs, 2 thighs and 2 wings. (serves 6-8) 1/2 c grape seed oil 30-40 g butter 24-30 cloves of garlic peeled 1/2 c parsley "flattened" 375 ml white wine 2-3 cups chicken stock Preheat oven to 425-430 degrees. Coat chicken pieces with salt pepper and flour, heat the butter and oil in a large pan until sizzling. cover the pan with a circle of aluminum foil and sautee until golden colored all around. (do this in batches if you do not have a big enough pan) Remove foil and add garlic and sau
  4. The day was so nice after the hurricane deluge Sat. night that we opted for a drive over to Boscobel, an 18th century mansion on the Hudson River in Cold Spring, NY. We often go to Cold Spring, since it is just 20 minutes from the lake house and has at least one bistro we enjoy, and the views are among the most beautiful in the world. Today was the first day of an exhibit of the work of a handful of Hudson River school artists. What follows, using the cool little camera in my iPhone, are the views that inspired those painters.
  5. Friday night I was struck with an urge to taste Jean Ducloux' chicken with garlic. We had eaten it at Greuze in the late 1980s and never forgotten the taste. After some searching, I discovered a recipe in French for the dish. KR agreed that that was it. So off to the shop to buy the ingredients and invitations went out to my b-i-l and wife, with whom we had eaten the memorable meal, and neighbors at the lake. Following the French recipe as best as possible, I began prep work at 2 PM and took the finished dish out of the oven at 6:45. The verdict? My companions said I had capture
  6. Jean Ducloux' chicken with garlic.
  7. To a charter member of the original Broadway Danny Rose club, (remember those days?) belated happy birthday.
  8. To update this thread, I bought 1/4 lb machine sliced jamon iberico belotta from Agatha and Valentino for $26. There were about 25 small thin slices, each a bite. Flavor was rich and complex. I imagine the same ham in Spain will be better, but it is an excellent tapas. Went very well with some manchego, picholine olives and a very dry martini.
  9. Just had some gentile, nostrano and soppresotta for lunch. Excellent. Thanks W. D&D @85/Mad.
  10. Oh shit. Just when I thought I was cured of salami sandwiches they pull me back in.
  11. GG my heart goes out to you and your husband. I know exactly what you mean. It is many years since we had to do that with our beloved Golden who was with us for 16 years. I still miss him terribly.
  12. Had a FSHF chop left from the BBQ weekend. Heated it up tonight and added a bit of evoo. It was still delicious. The texture is like a good aged sirloin--firm and chewy with a nice level of juiciness. The meat has a subtle flavor, from the muscle not from any fat, as you can see. It makes excellent sandwiches too! The chops were 3" thick, basted with a BBQ sauce, salt and pepper and cooked on a two level fire--3-4 minutes a side over the intense heat and another 12 minutes over the cooler side of the grill, to an internal temp of 125 degrees. They reseted for 30 minutes before slicing a
  13. Tuned into As The World Turns this morning. Scene of two women arguing, one reveal she is pregnant from a man the other does not like. She slaps her. Switched to Days of our Lives then to CNN. Hardly could tell the difference. Soap operas are the stuff of life after all. Who needs Tenessee Williams?
  14. I liked the tripe and tendon, the crispy quail, the clams in oyster sauce, the fried tofu, the duck and the lamb. Uh, the rest was nice too. Nothing was life-changing, like a Katz pastrami sandwich, but it was a lot of fun. And...we even talked politics without the owner locking our table thread.
  15. I've heard of coordinating tableclothes with the dishes, but, E, this is going a bit far, in'it?
  16. I have a more basic explanation. A higher power is channeling the hurricanes towards the red states as a form of retribution. Oh Moderator! We have a sinner amongst us. Get out the dunking board and the stocks.
  17. Not long (late 1970s) after my inlaws built their villa on the coast of Mexico below Puerto Vallarta, they experienced serious flooding several times due to a then new phenomenon called "el niƱo." Before this time, this phenomenon was either unheard of or unknown. Wikipedia describes it as follows: It is believed that the climate changes due to global warming created the disparity in air pressure that produces the disturbances. This is one indication of changes in severity of weather as a result of climate changes.
  18. I sometimes say "Give me one of Katz' best." Smile and put two bucks on the counter. Last time I told the guy, "I just brought this guy here from LA and told him he hasn't lived till he's had Katz' pastrami." We got delicious sandwiches. I've seen cutters go into the steam tank, pull a piece, look at it and put it back for another. So the experienced cutters know a good piece from a better oiece.
  19. Make sure to tell 'em "side by side" when you order a half and half.
  20. My god, that is a boring read. I imagine an SIRC guide to getting laid might run ten pages and put one to sleep.
  21. That was his death knell. People hate clowns. Especially his father, the French notwithstanding. Death knell? People hate him? Really. Gee, you hate Jerry Lewis? How come?
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