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  1. Nice Lebanese spread on the cover.
  2. Orik


    I was told "the chef likes it that way" so I sent the food back for the chef to eat.
  3. Gómez Nevado (you had the Dorado) - the first organic winemaker in Spain. Also of note, the wine you had is at least 60% and I'm told maybe closer to 100% Airén - so there you have it - almost 50 miles off montilla-morilles, not very much palomino or px, no fortification and still it's basically amontillado. (of related note Cota 45 and Muchada Leclapart making two strikingly different wines from the same grapes)
  4. I think the most unique aspect of that wine is that it's not fortified and obtains its 17% abv and Amontillado-like profile by 15 years of evaporation
  5. I got fava beans from Halal Pastures this week. They were excellent because they were picked earlier than most of what you see in the market, good enough to eat raw, terrific sweated with a bit of butter and tarragon. Two beans to the pod 🤣
  6. No, here we drink one three ounce glass of wine with our plant based meal and that's why we live forever. But really, when was going to a 2-3 Michelin star place not a 3+ hour ordeal ending with being stuffed and drunk? Sure, you mostly ordered a la carte so you had the theoretical option to eat reasonably, but that was largely a theoretical option and I don't think it's an argument against the oppressive tasting menu format.
  7. Let's be fair - Etxebarri is 30 minutes by car from Bilbao. You can leave Madrid at 11am for lunch there, and still be back in time for dinner. Not very hard. The technical term for "feeling bloated and drunk" is "having a proper dinner in Europe" But he's got a point about the format and the economics of scarcity it revolves around, of course.
  8. We usually confine him to the boiler room. Look - it's already working https://guide.michelin.com/us/en/new-york-state/new-york/restaurant/foxface-natural
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/06/07/dining/what-makes-a-50-best-restaurant.html I'm definitely adding a tour of the property, with dessert served in the basement.
  10. Great to see everyone!
  11. That´s like all the bars except Moga
  12. Orik


    I have it on good authority that they grow both chickens and rhubarb on the Adriatic coast, so anything is possible.
  13. There are many respectable growers who ship their throat scorching early harvest oil in barrels or big cans, so I'm not sure why the response to "99% of oil is bad" would be to go and buy white label oil from a well meaning guy. Btw, I recently tried the castillo de canena oil aged in amontillado casks (available here from Olive Oil Lovers) and it's a confusing but rewarding experience.
  14. The great mystery of olive oil presses is that they can take in Frantoio and, if you don't watch them closely, deliver to you a container of refined soybean oil flavored with a mystery Tunisian blend.
  15. A statement on freshness but still you mostly get sweet and generic green. In Spain where there is an annual contest for who will serve the most ridiculously labor intensive young peas they're still served cooked.
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