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  1. Orik


    But still moving around https://www.npr.org/2019/10/24/773022042/spain-moves-dictator-francisco-francos-remains-after-months-of-legal-battles
  2. Orik


    The sauce is a very loose chicken liver pate with mustard
  3. Orik


    Better bleu than bleh I feel like Luke should google the ingredients of the secret sauce.
  4. Aviation lessons - Never follow an airline to a second location - go to a hotel or airbnb of your choice (nobody forcing you to go to theirs) and hand in the receipt, along with any dining and clothing costs. You're also under no obligation to show up for the first flight they suggest. If the airline is clearly at fault insist on the first flight out on any airline, send a letter to their legal department and do not negotiate anything under $3k or $5k if it was an emergency landing.
  5. Orik


    Original "review": Oops, that's $10 for one, Robert! And what glorious micro prawn it would be! Current online version: Original "review": Oops, not First Avenue, Robert! Are you at Momofuku? Current online version: And there are many more of those. You can tell the level of enthusiasm by the editor making corrections. The next round of the photo caption might as well say "a place, no name posted"
  6. Orik


    Thus Spake Sietsema: https://archives.cjr.org/feature/everyone_eats.php?page=all
  7. Orik


    I think spam was the main issue for Eater as a whole but that comments were locked for that article specifically before they were disabled altogether.
  8. Orik


    I've been mocking him for years with no personal reasons.
  9. Orik


    Well, journalists from other impoverished publications check their own facts, but this is surprising given that he says he decided to eat there "again" to see if things are "as good" as he remembered them. Maybe he missed to og location altogether? I don't see any sign he covered it.
  10. Orik


    One objective issue before getting into skill is attention to the facts. For example, before offering any critique of Momofuku Noodle Bar, Sietsema writes: Except no, it didn't open there.
  11. Orik


    yes, very often they only cut the top
  12. Needless to say, none of this can take place at a nyc restaurant.
  13. Warm and/or wet ferments are another interesting category - cultured cream is straightforward, and you can turn it into cultured butter. Koji is a bit more tricky but a good opportunity for setting up a chamber with a heater and a humidifier (or a combi oven). Natto is about the same but if you make natto then you'll never be able to use the same chamber for koji again. From there on it's all sausage.
  14. I maintained a nukadoko for a while but it's a pain in the neck. You can get the same results by adding some hydrated nuka to your lacto ferment, and if you want the real flavor of Kyoto then overwhelm the other LAB with L. Plantarum (Perhaps a nice side by side is one set started with the probiotic and one without.) If you have a food saver style vacuum sealer at home then I think the vacuum bag method is the most rewarding to start with - not very wet veggies, 2% salt, spices if you'd like, and depending on your ambient temp, you have very nice pickles 3-7 days later. No mold, no fruit flies, no mess. You can also try some at lower temperature and longer fermentation times. A good project right now is parsnip, which develops a far more complex (not to say better) flavor profile - peel, trim, salt, vacuum and time. For wet items you either need a chamber vacuum sealer or brine (of course with the salt calculated based on total weight of brine and product) and of course to keep air out, which people achieve by everything from those sturdy pickle buckets you close with a hammer through glass jars you hope won't explode or jars with airlocks and even coca cola 1.5L bottles that are by their nature designed to hold high pressure and acidity - slip baby cukes, spices and brine in, put the cap op and done. There's a chance to experiment with celery leaves, oak leaves, pickling lime, etc. One non-lacto product that I've made a lot is orange vinegar - since we weren't looking for an award winning clear vinegar this was made from orange juice (you can get unpasteurized, same day squeezed juice if you don't have the machinery for squeezing many oranges), 25% previous batch of vinegar (or Bragg cider vinegar with mother for the first round), 4% alcohol so the mother won't starve until the juice becomes alcoholic. All placed in a large cambro with a lid I drilled out in two places - one for an aquarium pump to push air in, the other for an air lock. About 2 weeks and you've got vinegar you can strain, and likely a sizeable mother. Another easy vinegar is wine vinegar - leftover wine diluted down to around 7% alcohol (use previously boiled water to avoid vinegar eels), start with 25% vinegar, cover the top with multiple layers of cheesecloth (tie the sides well, those fruit flies can get in throguh small holes) and in you go. This will take longer (probably 4-5 weeks) without a pump but you get a very nice result.
  15. You can - they're almost never really ZamburiƱas anyway https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0956713520304576
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