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  1. His story, as you put it, is that he is a generous and giving man who has a cause he cares deeply about and has for decades. He had a serious problem with steroids and medication that nearly destroyed him. Yet he continues to devote a lot of time and energy to this cause. Lots of jealous people attack him for his prominence. None of them could achieve a tenth of what he has for raising money for MD. So instead they ridicule and criticize him. Here's a typical example of the kind of attacks people make on his telethon, which is devoted to raising money to fund efforts for curing this
  2. So here I am sitting in the car waiting for Ellen to come out of the supermarket with some last minute supplies for Labor Day weekend and I am drawn to a cart selling grilled sausages. I look at the sign and fight the temptation, knowing I will eat plenty of these the next day. As I wait, I look down to the sign at the bottom of the cart, rub my eyes and read it again. Then I grab my iPhone, switch on the camera. It seems something more exotic was being offered.
  3. many happy returns for a lovely celebration.
  4. Well. I am not worthy. Not at all. It's just that I have more violent fantasies than you.
  5. A short chop across her larynx with the side of your hand would do the job neatly. Not too hard, mind you. As she collapsed choking for air, you could call for a doctor saying "this woman is sick." Then as they carried her off the plane, you could take her seat.
  6. I'll have what they are having. hxZA85-pJQ8
  7. Try the pure brewed lager, which is what I had at CraftBar.
  8. I had tickets to hear Miles Davis in Barcelona. He cancelled and died about two weeks later.
  9. Sarah Palin's favorite meal was just reported to be moose stew. It's about time we had a retreat from molecular gastronomy. She's a gal after my own heart. (or some part of me).
  10. Au contraire. The skin on the breast cracked and split. The skin on the bottom was moist. Goose fat and 450 degrees makes for crispy skin.
  11. It's my perverse nature. I can enjoy a little deviation now and then. I'm only talking about a TV show after all.
  12. I was inspired to order one of Four Story Hill's chickens. I've enjoyed it at Stone Barns and at FL. It arrived yesterday, fresh killed the day before and we ate it for dinner. I roasted it simply with salt, pepper, some onion slices and lemon in the cavity and a coating of goose fat. 450 degrees for 50 minutes took it to 165 degrees at the thigh. The meat was most tender and juicy I have had in a home roasted bird. The flavor was not pronounced. it was subtle and mild, though very good. It was very similar to the servings at SB. I will roast a Citarella organic free range bird this weekend t
  13. I am very very happy tonight. I made a superb roast chicken from Four Story Hills Farm and saw a wonderful TV program that made me very proud, hopeful and optimistic. And it wasn't the Yankee Game. But the pitcher threw fastballs right down the center of the plate, curve balls when it mattered and a good knuckler.
  14. waahhhh...I'm not trading in my D80...no no no....
  15. Perhaps my palate for beer is pretty pedestrian, but the bottle I drank was delicious. Hoppy without bitterness, full tasting, with a clean mouth feel and no sour aftertaste.
  16. Basta's web site says the Japanese-designed place was inspired by the Iron Chef TV show, with the open kitchen. The food is meant to be "how the Japanese do Italian." The NY store opened in 1990. Eighteen years in the same location with the same concept. They must be doing something people like. My impression is that it is not a tourist place. Lots of Soho and Tribecca people in advertising, design, graphics, etc go there.
  17. I will. Thanks. I did find a website that will ship the product to me. Sales tax proibably equals shipping and carfare. I'll see.
  18. There is at least one of these in Tokyo. The owner (I think his name is Rocky) is a big supporter of modern artists inthe area. he hangs their paintings and commissions work from them.
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