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  1. apricot clafoutis: made with creme fraiche and lavender honey
  2. helena


    more salmon - a rice pilaf with dill and carrots saved the skin for a late night snack:
  3. helena


    pan roasted squid and artichoke; i'm really addicted to this dish - quite a special flavor combination. after successfully curing salmon i decided to try halibut... came out nice but not worthy the fish price
  4. Got Last Word thirsty after following a discussion on the NYC Cocktail Bars thread. Naked and Famous is the mezcal variation (DelMaguey Chichicapa , Aperol, yellow chartreuse, and lime juice). Great stuff. Source - F&W Cocktails 2012.
  5. hehe - you're well ahead of me, i just got the book and the urine stuff is on page 392...
  6. So sorry to hear this, Daniel...
  7. helena


    sunday dinner from Weber salmon marinated in yogurt and sweet spices, hot smoked on fresh corn husks smoky eggplant/tahini dip labne with zaatar quick pickles pitas
  8. the description of the pig's ear cake in the latest FoodArts magazine sounded irresistible so i tweaked my favorite olive oil cake recipe to come up with this variation. shiitakes do look like pig ears right?
  9. blueberry/maple syrup creme/fraiche claufoutis; winged the recipe but it came out very nice
  10. Spirited Reading. The Art of Fermentation sounds interesting so went ahead and preordered it.
  11. The FT is the tonic i always use - and i think it's better than other brands - not that sweet at least. Their bitter lemon is pretty nice. But the soda is prob waste of money
  12. helena


    What was the filling? and the crust? i made one recently with cabbage and hard boiled eggs using the pizza dough Alex made for the grilled pizza (it has some whole wheat flour): Sat night solo dinner - artichokes with brie sauce (adapted from the foodrepublic.com):
  13. helena


    slow roasted king oyster mushrooms, farro and some spring salad: watercress, cucumber, scallions, dill and hard-boiled eggs.
  14. Saison du BUFF (Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor ) - (a collaboration bw Dogfish Head, Stone and Victory) - great stuff, dry and so flavorful...
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