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  1. Puntarelle salad with a poached egg, which I thought would be a good idea. It was a medium good idea.
  2. I don't understand why an Indian restaurant would have a speakeasy theme. Is he just super late to the speakeasy trend? Will his next place be an Indian tiki bar?
  3. This menu is just so...breathless. https://www.veerays.com/menus
  4. https://www.npr.org/2024/07/13/nx-s1-5038571/dr-ruth-westheimer-who-encouraged-america-to-talk-about-sex-dies-at-96 Tiny, yet a giant.
  5. small h


    I can't remember whether I've made this before, but I am for sure gonna make it again. Scallop ceviche with aguachile.
  6. Ah, that's too bad. Mine faces east, but I'm on the 5th floor of a 21-story building, so the sun is intense but brief. It's a hot summer, but it hasn't gone above 90 much. 120, good lord.
  7. 5' X 10', give or take. I pack 'em in good!
  8. I tried to make it a little louder.
  9. Things look good on the balcony this year. Got some sungolds... Some premios... Basil, sage, a little dill and parsley... Rosemary, mint, catnip.. And sorrel. You know what became of the kale, but there's more getting going.
  10. Very good haul today. I had to hold myself back.
  11. small h

    Shelley Duvall

    I think they cursed her. The NYT seems to be in the cursing business, generally, of late.
  12. small h

    Shelley Duvall

    at 75. One of a kind. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/shelley-duvall-dead-shining-actress-1235946118/
  13. A couple of blocks from my house. And possibly the best funny license plate ever.
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