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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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Looks very pretty. I love the corn husk idea and of course the yogurt marinade.


Here are my clams from last night, they are about to go in the oven.




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pan roasted squid and artichoke; i'm really addicted to this dish - quite a special flavor combination.




after successfully curing salmon i decided to try halibut... came out nice but not worthy the fish price



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We catered a wedding this weekend. It was a beautiful wedding. It was on a huge, huge farm in upstate NY. I think each child had a cabin that was about a mile away from each other. The main house where we were working was I think 15 bedrooms. The wedding was for one hundred people. There was one long table which sat a hundred people, we made trays which fed 10 people at a time. We did scallops in the shell with soy butter and crispy shallots, we roasted a 120 pound pig, we made chipotle deviled eggs, mac and cheese with hatch new mexico chiles, there was a cheese table, vegetable table, we made potatoes stuffed with cured salmon, caviar, and cream fraiche, raw pork spread, we smoked a whole salmon, various crositini, we made our own smoked pastrami, there were baked beans and watercress salad that the people on the farm just had picked, we made an egg dressing to go with the salad. It was a really beautiful event. They asked us to come out of the kitchen and we got a hundred person standing ovation. That really felt wonderful.

People were going nuts. One lady came in the kitchen to get more potatoes. This was after dinner while people were dancing and we were prepping desserts.. "I grew up on a potato farm and I have never had potatoes this good" Another person came in during the dancing with their blood sugar reader for Diabetes. He was this 90 year old guy who tested his blood sugar to make sure he was allowed to have some more pork skin.

Very fun night. We worked friday night until 230 am, we woke up at 530 am and drove up two hours. We then worked that day until 11 at night. Long day but, a lot of fun.

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I had some mascarpone cheese that needed to be used up and not a lot of time so I threw together some pasta that I tossed with the cheese. I sauteed some bacon, tossed in some leftover chicken and duck, as well as some halved cherry tomatoes. It turned out pretty tasty.

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Slow cooker barbecue: rib tips and white sausage, homemade barbecue sauce, carrots, and onions

Red callaloo braised in 5-spice pork stock

South African skillet corn bread (no sugar)

Trappist Rochefort 6 to drink

Homemade banana bread for dessert

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recent dinners...



Mussel risotto




"Fennel, celery, cheese"




"Turkey in a nest" -- roasted asparagus, toasted almonds, soft-cooked wild turkey egg, French butter




Penne with kale, heirloom tomatoes, garlic and lemon zest




Pan-seared sea scallops, spring lettuce salad with asparagus, crimini mushrooms, nasturtium flowers and cheese

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Had some folks over for a casual bbq on Saturday. We started with fromage fort and olives warmed in olive oil with some herbs. Sparrowsfall made an app with asparagus, roasted garlic and a soft boiled egg. Paul spatchcocked and grilled a large chicken and I made a warm potato salad, Seagal made a green salad with chevre crostini. Great cocktails and wine accompanied.


Sunday we grilled burgers.


Monday I made a pot of RG cranberry beans and Paul marinated and grilled a flank steak.

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Spur of the moment birthday dinner for Ranitidine, everything from the supermarket, where I'd gone to buy lightbulbs, which, of course, I forgot.


Arugula, beets, walnut and goat cheese salad with walnut vinaigrette

Rib lamb chops

L'ami Louis potato cake

Asparagus with nutmeg and lemon

Fresh ginger cake

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Friday night:


Salad of mixed baby greens with prosciutto, figs and Bucheron crostini

Oven roasted halibut over a saute of fresh corn with shallots, pancetta and a dash of cream


Monday night:


Grilled spatchcocked chicken (Paul's was so good on Saturday night that we had to make more!)

Corn on the cob

Asparagus salad with lemon/mustard dressing and shaved parmigiano

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