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  1. The only problem I’ve had was once when they had to seat me at a table as a walk-in cuz they couldn’t squeeze me into the bar.
  2. I get the feeling when stuff like that happens -- which is frequent enough that you think it might not be coincidence -- that the media outlet or whatever knew the subject was dying.
  3. Born to play Olive Oyl. Did.
  4. I'm happy Madison Chock and Evan Bates got married. I think all ice dancing partners should get married. I think the world should more like a classically defined comedy: in the end, everybody should marry each other.
  5. It's a problem. For all their talk about honoring my wishes, my doctors are much less sanguine about the end of my life than I am.
  6. Don't tell him, but I almost wish my brother's recovery from a recent stroke weren't quite so complete. I liked him when he was docile.
  7. It's when he becomes docile that you'll have to worry!
  8. OTOH, that your husband is "there" enough to rail against limitations and restrictions seems to me to be an unalloyed good.
  9. Seems as much an accident as anything else.
  10. My wife’s transition to hospice care was one of the joyous moments of her life.
  11. The best way to be!
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