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Short ribs oven-braised in a red-wine sauce with bouquet garni, thyme, carrots, mushrooms, and bacon.  Served with mashed sweet potatoes.  N didn't think she'd cooked it long enough and wanted to have the meat break down some more, so the leftovers went back in the oven to cook for another couple of hours, and the whole pot sat in the shut-off oven overnight.  That was some reduction--it looked amazing.

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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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Grilled red peppers with marinated goat cheese.

A shared rosy-grilled Berkshire chop

Smashed steamed Yukons with butter, Salvadorian crema and chives

And, mistakenly overcooked sprouts braised with guanciale that stole the show:   

TA DA...1172685950_ScreenShot2021-01-11at6_05_26PM.thumb.png.6ee1499e328647304437153b6339c5de.png

(Sneak would have loved these; I could have enjoyed a little more crunch.)


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Significant Eater was/is feeling a bit under the weather; so even though this is generally considered a breakfast food, I made it last night for dinner.

Congee of Thai (jasmine) rice, I believe known as jok. With pork meatballs, scallions, Thai chili pepper and chili oil to punch it up.

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I made the Borlotti beans with tomato sauce & polenta recipe from the first RG book, substituting cranberry beans because that's what I had.  I'm trying to have us alternate between vegetarian and non-vegetarian dinners, without resorting to too much takeout.  (Even though the latter is helpful for the economy, we need to save money to pay for all the heat we've been using lately.)

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This is my "I am relieved" post, because the last few meals I've made have been not very good, and I was worried that I'd lost my ability to cook. But no. Not yet, at least. Sautéed endive with seared scallops, potato and cheddar soup. Not pictured: oysters, since everyone knows what oysters look like.



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Hot diggity dog ramen.  With Brooklyn Cured franks.  Pickled cabbage with the leftovers of braised cukes and celery atop.


As Jewish delis used to do in New York (and possibly elsewhere) with coleslaw and pickles, some Chinese restaurants would put out a small plate of pickled cabbage to nosh on (Significant Eater and I used to go to a place on 2nd Avenue in the 70s, whose name I've long forgotten; it purported to be, if memory serves me right, Shanghainese, and did this), while perusing the menu and waiting for food to arrive. This is a version of that.

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