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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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A couple of recents, all better than they look (ed):


Cassoulet with house-cured duck confit and @rancho_gordo's Tarbais beans and pork shoulder. No garlic sausage, sadly.


Japanese chicken curry, made with whole thighs which were deboned for service. Onions, carrots and celeriac; ginger and garlic. Japanese curry roux house-made. Jasmine rice.


Crab cake first course last night.  Followed by spaghetti and meatballs.

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Another composed meal: the rest of the mixed lettuces, smoked trout (from the same place we got the Dungeness crabs), boiled white and purple new potatoes tossed with white truffle butter, pan-seared radishes, and pickled red onion.  There was going to be avocado too, but neither the one I picked out nor the one N got were ripe enough.  Pre-dinner drink: 10 Barrel Brewing's Cucumber Sour.

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meatballs braised in tomato sauce; moroccan carrots.

meatballs: ground veal, garlic, fresh breadcrumbs soaked in milk, mint, parmigiano cheese, salt and pepper. these were baked for 30 minutes at 350 f/175 c, then braised in a simple tomato sauce (crushed tomatoes, onion, salt, pepper, pinch of sugar, water).

the carrots are from zahav (the cookbook), page 100, with the addition of some chopped preserved lemon.

dessert will be spiced prunes. more on that later.

hubby and i are headed out to see the new death on the nile film. looking forward to supper. buona cena a tutti!






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Superbowl spread. Probably should have had people over to eat all this. But ya gotta have a cheese football! And steamed crabs are perfect for a long game, ‘cause they take forever to eat. (Side note: I asked Aquabest whether steaming or boiling would be less traumatic - for me and the crabs - and was told it’s the same. Wasn’t too bad.)



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muskily spiced prunes by nigella lawson (via racheleats)

prunes are poached in earl grey tea, fortified with marsala, light muscavado sugar, citrus zest and spices (star anise, cinnamon, clove, black peppercorns). soak the prunes for up to 36 hours, then reduce the liquid and serve as desired. nigella’s recipe doesn’t contain peppercorns (those are my own touch), and i imagine that ginger shreds might work as well.


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