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Seared sea scallops with bacon. Roasted asparagus (from California and really very good) and ramps. Strawberries (the organic ones from CA that have been in the markets the last few weeks are quite nice)

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Working my way through some Indian recipes from a not very good book - an experiment in seeing what works and what doesn't. The night before last I turned my kitchen into a post-hurricane site with a

Ta. I must give this a try.

Thank you thank you. But doesn't everyone look better wearing a bath mat?

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Guest Adam Lawrence

I feel very lucky. Yesterday morning, as we usually do on a Saturday, we went for a stroll round the village to visit the coffee shop/mini farmers market, where we eat breakfast, then the butchers and the deli.


Richard, the village butcher, is a classic of his kind. He doesn't believe in organic, or free range - at least not in themselves. He only cares about the quality of the meat. We bought some lamb chops, which we ate last evening, with chickpea mash and salad. On the way down Mill Street to the butchers, we discussed what we might have for Sunday lunch/supper. His pork is usually very good indeed, if you're a regular and you get the locally-raised Gloucester Old Spot. So I had pork in mind. But there were two small rib of beef joints hanging in the window, both with a little tag saying 'WELL HUNG' on them. One had only one bone and was perhaps two inches thick - it might almost have been a big cote de boeuf. The other had two bones and was a little thicker. As I knew we wouldn't have guests and it would be just the two of us, I bought the smaller. It cost eleven pounds.


(In the afternoon, we drove to Hereford and saw the Mappa Mundi, which was pretty special too).


Tonight we ate the beef. I roasted a few small potatoes in goose fat, and made Yorkshire puddings. Lucy is off wheat at the moment, so I experimented - you can, it seems, make Yorkshire pudding successfully with rye flour, although they won't rise as much. Onion gravy simmered for a couple of hours with a glass of red wine and half a litre of homemade chicken stock, then strained and reduced, and locally-grown purple sprouting broccoli completed the meal. A gin and tonic was drunk before we ate. Cheap Rioja from Sainsburys.


The beef was exquisite. It cooked at the oven's highest possible temperature for about 50 minutes, then rested thoroughly while the puddings browned. Having been aged for about 40 days it had a gamey tang, and was perfectly tender. The gravy was rich and sweet. Sadly we have run out of Colman's mustard.


Everything we ate I bought within a two minute walk of our house. I feel very, very lucky.

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That beef sounds fabulous, although I would have gone for the larger piece and used the leftovers for sandwiches.

Chick pea flour also makes a fair Yorkshire pudding.


We've got a Cajun version of the Spanish Pollo Chilindron.

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Believe me, there's still plenty left for sandwiches.

Small appetite then, I've been known to eat a rib on my own, mind you that might explain why I'm the best part of 14 stone. :rolleyes:

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Made a deep potato tortilla last night, using a broiler to finish cooking the top surface. Keep your eye on it and keep wiggling the handle of the pan. When nothing wobbles - in the pan, anyway - it's ready.

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Scott Conant has a recipe for ramp risotto online.


Hm, let's see. Homemade chicken stock from this weekend, check. Jar of Arborio rice, check. Wheel of Parm-Reg, check. RAMPS!!! from this weekend, check. I think I know what's for dinner tomorrow.


It'd be tonight except I have some leftovers to get through.

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