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where did you eat this week?


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we’re visiting my father-in-law this weekend. he lives in an assisted living space in hamilton township. brunch was technically in philadelphia at the garden restaurant at the barnes foundation but i’m including it here because the rest of the posts in this thread won’t make sense without that context.

also, this post is a continuation of the old thread in this forum that had existed a few weeks ago.

hot chicken sliders - good chicken sandwiches, unfortunately the kitchen went crazy with the hot sauce which rendered the sliders almost inedible 

lox and cream cheese on bagels, sliced fruit - this was what i should have ordered. better luck next time?





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for dinner, we went to rossi’s bar and grill in hamilton township. it’s known for their burgers and italian food.

fried zucchini sticks, marinara sauce - greaseless, crispy deep-fried zucchini with a scattering of cheese. i practically inhaled these.

caesar’s salad - hubby says that it was mediocre, that there was something slightly sweet. maybe mayonnaise in the dressing?

eggplant parmigiana - no breading, very properly cheesy; it’s too bad the sauce needed more oomph. the pasta was a touch too watery, although the meatballs were pretty good.

think i ordered wrong. hubby and everyone else had a burger…but i had meat for brunch and i needed some vegetables in my system.

for dessert, i had affogato (vanilla ice cream, espresso, whipped cream). that was the best rendition out of all the ones i’ve had in the past.






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we celebrated my father-in-law’s 91st birthday yesterday at the lobster house in cape may, nj.

steamed lobster - served with melted butter, it’s the thing to get here and comes with a host of sides like salad, vegetables and potatoes. most of these are pretty “meh” but the roasted potatoes were a pleasant surprise.

crab cocktail - chunks of crab served with lemon and cocktail sauce. simple is best.

oyster stew - it’s more accurately described as a giant bowl of cream of cream soup with oysters. avoid.

escargot - tasteless and slightly bitter. not the traditional preparation.

key lime pie - not overly sugary sweet but needed more tartness, and the graham cracker crust turned out to be crumbs.









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