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  1. Several pints of Guinness at the Morden. Slight porter bitterness, with a sweetish cafe au lait aftertaste. Inadvertent glasses of Dom de perdiguier 2013 cab/Syrah lowish rent southern version of a bordelais with personality. One too many buttons undone, but not the full medallion. Admittedly little recollection of fit to bavette frites. Kindertotenlieder Christa Ludwig supplanted Richter/Rachmaninov 59 as party music. Have committed to read an Iris Murdoch novel, breaking a resolution I made at 12 (Updike resolution unchanged).
  2. All as ghosts now, whispering from the centenary test at 4 in the morning, or the return of the hermit Boycott from self imposed exile.
  3. "eye level" by the Simon park orchestra -aka the van der walk theme - backed I believe by "the floral dance".
  4. GavinJones


    Let them eat Frog Leg Beignets with a Purée of Jersey Royals, Girolles and a Veloute of Herbs. Don't forget the foam! The people should have foam. Sous les paves, la fauxm
  5. Yes my mother did suggest that there had been some congenital treponemal action.
  6. and a helpful menu planner too for a raw food bar
  7. Un litre par jour for workers and half a litre for the sedentary.
  8. My reflex was that he must have been killed by his mistress.
  9. 10 year bond rates don't suggest deleveraging is generating substantial inflationary expectations.
  10. Lie down with us and wait
  11. McEwans is a drink not an author - 80' for choice.
  12. London fields only one am tempted to reread. Received wisdom is part>hole.
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