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  1. Restaurant reviews are down to no more than two a month. One in December, one so far in February. Just not enough restaurants to review? Or is he starting to wear out after 12 years? Nobody has done the job longer (Claiborne was on the dining section longer, but only nine years as a regular reviewer).
  2. Wilfrid

    Frog Club

    Okay, I read about it. She is still trying to “figure out” what her food is. Currently hamburger and frozen fries. A charge of $1K for a kiss on the cheek invites inappropriate comments from which I will demur. Place bets on this place. Poor old Chumley’s.
  3. Wilfrid

    Frog Club

    Maybe some variation on Toad?
  4. Wow that’s so long ago. But it happened.
  5. I just realized that being trapped in indecision about (1) which dip to serve with my plant-based veggie flats (I have 5 dips); and (2) whether to serve the same dip with my second snack, keto-friendly tortilla chips, is a bit of a first world problem. I chose randomly.
  6. Wilfrid


    Slight return of pork fat. Smoked longaniza.
  7. Wilfrid

    Frog Club

    Better than Slug Shack.
  8. Would make sense to anyone. I would agree that the whodunit solution is a little mundane. But a great journey getting there. Not sure there’s much here for the Alaska Tourist Board. Emmy for Jodie (as there’s no sign of Euphoria season 3)?
  9. What you didn’t say is that, despite the horror and tension, she stops to turn the “fucking” Beatles off. And I am not making that up. I don’t think this is a spoiler, but move on if you’re concerned. I did say, if she regains consciousness he’s in trouble, because she’s a boxer. I was right.
  10. I did look at Ends Meat. No and they were also out of that great quail. Bought some Toulouse sausages, some terrine and a steak. I don’t think I’ve cooked a steak in years. Oh, hanger and flank, sure; this is a strip.
  11. Thanks, good suggestions.
  12. Amy thoughts on where to buy veal (preferably for stewing)? Haven't seen it in Whole Foods. I guess I could try Esposito's. Arthur's Meat Market is a bit of a journey. Online is hopeless: D'Artagnan prices tend to start at $250, Lobel's minimum 5lb order, etc.
  13. I must say, I rarely drink alcohol and eat yogurt at the same time. Which is just as well as I usually eat yogurt for breakfast.
  14. Maybe I am just slow here but realized today that “Davy Crockett” is yet another take on “Louie Louie.” [i]Davy Crockett, ba da dum, da dum, ba da dum…[/i]. Maybe I can get Ana to have the band play “Louie Louie,” which would be just, well…
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