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  1. So sad Below Deck Down Under is finished but oh look Below Deck Med starts on Monday.
  2. Yes. Hopefully they'll be populating YouTube with concert performances soon because they have been getting out there. Must check.
  3. I messaged Ana from Hinds a happy birthday message and she replied. She must have replied to me three or four times now. You don’t get that kind of service from your Taylor Swifts and Zendayas. Catch them on their way up. ❤️
  4. I can’t believe it’s still there. I went a few times when I lived in the neighborhood. Must be almost 20 years ago because I remember going on Halloween and my daughter was terrified by the servers’ monster costumes.
  5. Aha, Jimmy Paterson from the original Dexy's was involved in the writing, and one of the best tracks he wrote with Rowland back in the 90s. Explains a lot. BTW, "It's Alright, Kevin" will make you want to hide behind the armchair.
  6. Dexy's played a big part in my life many years ago, so I always consume what the completely nutty, inconsistent, often infuriating Kevin Rowland produces. Which this year means "The Feminine Divine," a kind of concept album based around the idea that women should be valued (okay), primarily by being regarded as sexually-charged, imperious goddesses (hmmm). It's like, let's worship the matriarchy for a change while still having the hots for it. Completely nutty, like I said. But as so often, a number of the tracks -- not all of them -- have that glorious, sweeping brass-and-strings-driven musicality that represent Dexy's at their best.
  7. Wilfrid


    Postponed for one day only. Will be a straightforward presentation tonight, although it has occurred to me that I could make brandade with cauliflower instead of potatoes.
  8. Wilfrid


    And they even have a menu with prices online. Happily I didn't see a check last night.
  9. Yep, it's a bad choice of name in that respect.
  10. Wilfrid


    If you can't get into Foxface any more, consider Rosella about a two minute walk downtown from there, opposite the park. Sleek, snug, sushi-but-not-just-sushi; interesting beverage list where the largest categories (by the bottle) are orange wine and sake. I was treated to a massive omakase there, almost the whole menu. I think I shared four rolls and ate six pieces of nigiri. All fine (and they could tell you where the fish were from) and the Texas wagyu nigiri was unexpected. But to my surprise, the dishes that made an impact were from other parts of the menu. An excellent bluefish ceviche with coconut milk, corn and corn nuts, and an amazingly good salad (endive, pickled green strawberry, avocado, ginger dressing). Wine freely poured throughout. I especially like their "own brand" 2022 As if Wines Rosella Orange Pet Nat and the 2021 Ryme Cellars "hers" Vermentino. Great service. Oh, and Foxface is known to them of course, and they speak well of it. They were also excited about Bar Miller, opening any day now around the corner on East 6th.
  11. That is spot on. I still smile at the bartender springing out to be the sommelier.
  12. Unexpectedly, I have an orange from which juice can be extracted. This is my chance to try cocktails that require OJ. Orange Blossom is an obvious place to start. Must do more research.
  13. I am sensitive to loud music while dining, but I hardly noticed it.
  14. Wilfrid


    I was looking at preparing salt cod for tonight, then I remembered I had been invited to dinner. Chore postponed.
  15. As I read that coverage, it is surely a lower price point and more casual than Les Trois Chevaux.
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