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  1. I wonder if Schulberg's personal attack on Ray had something to do with the views expressed in Johnny Guitar? Maybe it wasn't only that Schulberg thought writers, not directors, should be considered the creators of movies but that he realized the lynch mob sequence was aimed at people like him.
  2. I guess I'll have to explain. Start with the word"Who" and imagine Schulberg is speaking.
  3. Bingo. My favorite movie. A paean to snitching, which both Schulberg and Kazan felt compelled to justify. Schulberg also had a monstrous sense of self importance. Who the hell is Nicholas Ray? He only directed Wind Across The Everglades. After all, I, the Great Schulberg, worked on the script.
  4. How many wills do you have?
  5. Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA. A year's supply of hops in every bottle. I love it.
  6. Excellent column by Bob Herbert in Saturday's Times.
  7. ranitidine

    Karl Malden

    Died a day after the passing of Harve Presnell. Both played George C. Marshall on screen.
  8. ranitidine

    Karl Malden

    I think I'll eat a potato in his memory.
  9. It sounds like you're right about that (I hadn't heard those comments). My quarry, in case it wasn't clear, was the suggestion that he would have been just another forgotten pop star, if not for the tabloid scandals of the last few years. Out of genuine interest, what about Paul Robeson? I should have thought he was the first African-American entertainer with a big international reputation. (Not comparing him with Armstrong, or suggesting any ranking other than chronological.) Interesting point, Wilf. He and Armstrong were contemporaries. I'm not sure which one was celebrate
  10. I first heard about it on the FAN and was afraid the announcer was talking about WILLIE Mays. Now that would be a person to mourn.
  11. Despite K-Rod's blown save, it was delightful. Well laid out, not nearly as noisy a scoreboard as at Citi, right downtown. A three-minute walk from the hotel Gabe and I stayed at, with two bars for apres game food and drink just across the street. We were also blessed with a perfect night for baseball while NYC was being inundated. Also, they have real bars at the ballpark and actually sell cocktails in the stands.
  12. Lippy left out a rather important point: On our way to the waiting room in Union Station Sunday evening, who do we see but Glyn Johnson, just arrived for a day at the NIH in Silver Spring.
  13. Um, exactly how far is your place from Amityville, again? it's on the same train line No, it's not. You have to change at Jamaica.
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