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  1. The box of farfel my mother always had contained what looked like broken matzah to me. When we still had turkey at the Seder, she used farfel to make stuffing.
  2. Prepping the 5 lb. of potatoes and 2 large onions for the seder kugel tonight. I'm still working tomorrow--just working from home--so this will be a huge timesaver.
  3. Fortunately, the Chabadniks themselves weren't there. And they'd never ask me to put on tefillin--I get the Shabbat candles kit.
  4. Went on an ad hoc food crawl down 24th Street in the Mission with a small group of folks, so lunch was a mash-up of (shared) atol de elote and pan de elote, pastrami on rye, chocolate babka, pupusas, pizza, chicken pastelitos, suadero tacos, and very authentic chicharrones.
  5. Except those aren't K for P. I was shopping in my local Eastern European grocery store today, and saw a whole pile of gift boxes containing shmurah matzoh. They were free to take, courtesy of the local Chabadniks down the block.
  6. Hershey Bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (the original) are made with sugar and not corn syrup like I'd assumed, so I can have some junk food on Passover.
  7. Just like when we kept a block of feta in the fridge a little too long, and found that it had changed into something wonderful and funky (and irreproducible).
  8. Sadly, the Trenton Thunder's Pork Roll apparel collection has been trimmed down considerably: Pork Roll – Trenton Thunder Official Store (shopbaseballcollective.com). I consider myself lucky to have scored an original shirt.
  9. Enjoy your stay here! For dim sum, I recommend Palette Tea House in Ghirardelli Square. It's near my office and I've been there a few times.
  10. Sadly, the avocados came from Mexico, not our backyard. But someday.....
  11. In the last week or so, a whole pitching rotation and someone to manage them: Ken Holtzman, Carl Erskine, Fritz Peterson, Pat Zachary, and Whitey Herzog.
  12. Avocado toast, with the addition of a shmear of this cod roe & liver pate my parents brought back from Norway.
  13. I just got 2 boxes of Yehuda whole wheat. Hoping it's decent. N loves matzoh, but that's because, as I often tell her, "you're not obliged to eat it for 8 days". (She does anyway, at least in the house.)
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