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  1. I take it the porches don't have stoops. Or there are cooties all over the porch floors.
  2. The adult crap in my house isn't laid out much neater than bloviatrix's kid's crap.
  3. Yes, I saw it when it first aired. Blew me away. What I really need to see is Wattstax.
  4. Damn. Pearson's was great back in the day, and having to search for it in the back of a bar was kind of fun..
  5. On a '70s kick: making my way through Disco: Soundtrack of a Revolution that recently aired on PBS and watching the 1977 documentary Gay USA on TCM.
  6. One of my exes plays fantasy cycling (akin to fantasy football/baseball), so she's truly invested in the Tour de France.
  7. Have to admit, that is kind of a hefty meal to have after you've been semi-fasting.
  8. Another icon of my younger days. She'd been fighting cancer for many years. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/tv/2024/07/14/shannen-doherty-dead/74399542007/
  9. Dark rye toast topped with more of that ricotta, homegrown small tomatoes, and a little truffle salt.
  10. For N's birthday, I made the Buttermilk Tres Leches cake published in the Times Magazine a few weeks ago: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1025464-buttermilk-tres-leches-cake. Quite a lot of work, and found out 2 things: Bob's Red Mill coarse cornmeal is maybe a little too coarse for the recipe, and the cake definitely needs longer feeding and soaking times. It does taste good, especially with the recommended side of roasted stone fruit (nectarines, peaches, and one pluot, roasted with just a little unsalted butter).
  11. Our garden got fried, between all of the intense heat and no water for over a week while we were on vacation. We were getting a lot of berries before then, and several other crops have given up the ghost for the year. At least the (small) tomatoes seem to be OK.
  12. What's the shellfish at the bottom?
  13. He's really good!
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