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  1. I would just do Girona unless seeing the Dali museum is really important to you. Girona is a really nice day trip from BCN. Bummer we lost the back threads here.
  2. Sneaks gonna be the coatcheck girl!
  3. I assume you'll be responding to the too much fish and middle eatern spice demerits with pecan crusted airline chicken and a nice usda choice strip as permanent menu items?
  4. They do. Just maybe not to the times.
  5. This is like the scene in the blues brothers where they compare various dishes in different state prisons. I'll add for the record the pepper steak in United Polaris might be worse than the pepper steak in Joliet. I had the flight attendant apologize to me as he handed me my plate. I fly international business class a bunch and really mostly care about hard product. Can I sleep in your lie flat, do you have an arrival lounge I can shower in, and can you get me through security quickly. Flying to Europe I try not to eat on plane - especially the flight over. Asia a different story and the local carriers always much better than US carriers but still not actually good. I had an utterly hideous experience on BA yesterday. They tried to unload a 787 from a remote stand with one bus. I was in Row 22 (which is J on that flight l, the premium loads are so high) and it took me 30 minutes to get off the bus.
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