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Somewhere I read about a place serving cheeseburgers on Krispy Kremes.

The Luther Burger.

A rumour. But a good one. I worked with LV's personal assistant on a costume project, and he confirmed that this was a myth. That said, having combed through 20 or so years of his clothing and stage costumes, his weight fluctuated wildly between a 48 and a 55 long, suit-wise.

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I knew someone who was genuinely addicted to peeps once - i guess only at easter time, but still... her roommate took to confiscating them once she got past about 3 boxes a day or something. I don't think ordinary sugar/marshmallows did it for her the same way at all, it had to look like a duckling... Awwww...

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I love Peeps. I'm just waiting for mine to get stale. :lol:

I peeped my boss's office this year. Peeps all over his ceiling tile, stuck in with toothpicks.


Made a carrot cake today and decorated it with Peeps.


peeps rule

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