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  1. Based on my experience I was attempting sarcasm, but maybe Pete fared better.
  2. Sorry! I thought we were making predictions.
  3. Has anyone been recently? Haven't been back in a number of years. Missed out on Pujol and Contramar during my last trip, so I figure I should try to get there this time around.
  4. Having visited a couple of months ago, let me also recommend the recently opened Porgy's Seafood Market, which has a brief but well-executed food menu; also Fives, a small cocktail bar in the Quarter with creative takes on standards (like a marrow-washed Sazerac) and a competent kitchen with bistro-esque cooking. Very possible you've been already, but I had never eaten at Compere Lapin or La Petite Grocery and both were pretty fantastic (I love the LPG dining room). Have a great trip!
  5. I had a great meal at Little Mad a few weeks back.
  6. Credit where credit is due: RS reviewed one of my favorite classic Astoria spots.
  7. Nice Mekelburg's send-off https://www.grubstreet.com/article/mekelburgs-closes-in-clinton-hill.html
  8. Her last was Café Carmellini (unless you're only counting Tables for Two).
  9. I almost posted his Cafe Boulud review because the name "Daniel Boulud" appears nowhere in the article.
  10. They just switched to a la carte and it's still very much worth it. We split everything, ordered less than was recommended, and still came away happy and impressed for around $125pp after tax/tip, including wine.
  11. The food here is still very good, but the prices have jumped quite a bit. A lone veggie burger is $20, up from $9 at the old location. The yuba sandwich, which granted is on a larger bun, went from $9 to $25. Sides that used to be under $10 are now like $17-$18 and the portions are barely larger. Individual desserts are $16. We enjoyed our meal, but can't say anyone was itching to return for the price.
  12. I wonder if it would have done better in a different neighborhood / smaller space.
  13. I like absurdism, but I'm feeling less confident than I was initially that the food will make up for the schtick.
  14. Sadly, you won't be able to try that here. My friend tried to rock the Jazba and her salt lassi request was denied.
  15. I'm a Lowerline fan, but that does look pretty good -- and I like that they have gumbo z'herbes.
  16. This gets progressively less weird as you scroll down, but it starts off with some head-scratchers. https://ny.eater.com/maps/where-to-eat-guide-valentines-day-nyc
  17. From the Junoon team, in the former Ssam Bar space on 13th and 2nd. Some solid dishes (the green chili chicken RS highlighted in his review was nicely spiced), and kudos for having brains on the menu. I'll walk a few blocks over to Foxface Natural when I'm in the mood for goat, though.
  18. Whoops, you're right. I only gave it a glance before I posted.
  19. Here it is, and it looks like crab was had: https://www.grubstreet.com/2024/01/the-end-of-the-year-i-ate-new-york.html
  20. I know food journalism (along with the rest of the industry) is dying, and I definitely took some liberties when I was getting reimbursed for meals, but the guy who took over from TT as diner-at-large went on a wild corporate card spending spree during his final week of the gig that included dinner at The Grill and taking 21 people to Wu's. I'm honestly impressed. (I can't find a link. It's his latest newsletter.)
  21. That's the thing -- Moya is now head of a restaurant group with multiple venues spread across Brooklyn and Manhattan, so he wasn't at Clara that night. Not that it mattered much, at least food-wise.
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