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  1. my kid called me and told me that it was very strong at her school (a few blocks from my place) and there was no way the books hadn’t destroyed my amp.
  2. seems to have broken the resy link
  3. hamburger america <<<< shake shack let alone the seneca or whatever
  4. AaronS


    he probably charged them for food
  5. holy shit that sucks.
  6. I’m tempted by the pizza but don’t really want to be up that late.
  7. AaronS


    was the steak from ends meat?
  8. the gowanus whole foods has veal occasionally. union market too I think.
  9. apparently one of their neighbors has it out for them. they did change a bunch of stuff during the pandemic. the stuff in that complaint won’t get fixed easily. really hope they pull through, I love that place and the people who work there are mostly nice. on a more selfish note I really hope next week’s tomb mold shows happen. sumac was so good tonight.
  10. at 8pm on a friday. really maddening.
  11. trillium fort point pale ale - 6.6% abv. trillium, as we all know, is one of the original north east ipa makers that's gone from being trade bait to legal distribution over the last ten years. I haven't had enough of their beer to get a real handle on it, the stuff I had on tap at their boston location wasn't great but I've enjoyed some of the cans I've had over the years. this is one of their early beers and I remember enjoying this last time I had it. it was also the freshest can at the place I picked this up. this one has citra and columbus and tastes mostly like the former - this is a really nice version of the really familiar mix of grapefruit, mango, and pineapple you get with citra that has the right amount of bitterness in the finish along with a hint of some vegetal stuff that's not great. middle recommended.
  12. that article is amazing. I just realized I’ve seen the more woman a couple hundred times.
  13. AaronS

    David Bouley

    my ex and I went on an early date there too.
  14. some truly amazing stuff on facebook about her life in the 80s.
  15. abomination brewing co love letters from hell milkshake style triple India pale ale with candy hearts, sprinkles, marshmallows, milk sugar, vanilla bean, strawberry, ice cream & artificial colors - brewed at the 12% brewing project in north haven, ct, 9.7% abv. I don’t know what the artificial colors are about, this looks like a typical hazy ne ipa. you wouldn’t really expect it to taste like one, but this more or less works like a triple ipa despite all of the adjuncts. there’s an artificial set of sweet vanilla and strawberry notes, followed by a little bit of hop burn and some lactose. this isn’t as well put together as the omnipollo or mortalis stuff but it’s more or less what I hoped it would be.
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