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  1. All as ghosts now, whispering from the centenary test at 4 in the morning, or the return of the hermit Boycott from self imposed exile.
  2. "eye level" by the Simon park orchestra -aka the van der walk theme - backed I believe by "the floral dance".
  3. GavinJones


    Let them eat Frog Leg Beignets with a Purée of Jersey Royals, Girolles and a Veloute of Herbs. Don't forget the foam! The people should have foam. Sous les paves, la fauxm
  4. GavinJones

    Anthony Howard

    Yes my mother did suggest that there had been some congenital treponemal action.
  5. and a helpful menu planner too for a raw food bar
  6. Un litre par jour for workers and half a litre for the sedentary.
  7. My reflex was that he must have been killed by his mistress.
  8. 10 year bond rates don't suggest deleveraging is generating substantial inflationary expectations.
  9. the one from the other
  10. Lie down with us and wait
  11. McEwans is a drink not an author - 80' for choice.
  12. London fields only one am tempted to reread. Received wisdom is part>hole.
  13. What a pleasure this is. Finally the political experience of the 1970's is relevant again - just as €750bn of imaginary money placates the market.
  14. Oh Rinka, mon amour, ma biche. How long should a parliament be optimally hung for? Of course there are those who would wait until maggots drop out Phineas Finn -
  15. A simpler pleasure, but closer to hand, I really enjoyed a bottle of Ogereau Anjou rouge last week from Highbury.
  16. GavinJones

    Michael Foot

    As difficult to imagine him leading todays labour party as to imagine Sir Ted leading the current tories. I can still hear people (well students) telling me that the reason labour lost (1983....) was that they were not longest suicide note etc left-wing enough.
  17. More difficult as a brit. Fanny Hyman is the daughter of Anthony Hyman. She married Charles Richard Mills, son of Captain Kenneth Howard Mills and Jane Pelly, in 1994. From 1994, her married name became Mills.
  18. And of course led the fight against the IPO mob.
  19. Alongside Chickpizz, cheap fags and the other culinary delights of N. London I discover a 3* gaff on the 43 bus route, evidently elevated. It makes sense that the moral extension of the Caledonian Road should house this Paris bun's home from home.
  20. A former colleague from a prior life I'm afraid. Your former self would be pleased to know I live in a tiny cult-of-the-personality state, population 3. The mad dictator is now able to "walk" to buy the morning star/cbeebies magazine. I agitate for a putsch, but I fear that is simply false conciseness.
  21. Can you still savour the scent of your primary school urinal? I understand it may be considered for rotation as the dessert course at a molecularly gastronomic restaurant on the menu as "cake".
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