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  1. White Lotus. Again, it's either a very well-produced piece of crap or something brilliant. The characters are so absurdly stereotyped, it's hard to take them seriously. But perhaps I'm not supposed to.
  2. This show became much better when I realized it was a comedy.
  3. Ok, I'm not sure if I've posted this. I think I kept it as a trade secret. But I'll let it out here. Some day, I want to make pastrami and rye ice cream. Steep Katz's pastrami in the milk. Make the ice cream. Fold in dices of rye and deli mustard swirl. Brilliant. I was going to send the idea to Ben & Jerry, but they wouldn't split the profits with me.
  4. I think I tried this, but found her speaking style -- the effort to "act" and make stuff exciting or what not -- annoying. Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong one.
  5. I thought Mexico attacked us after we annexed Texas (at Texas's request)?
  6. 100% Cocker, according to the DNA test. It’s a “working” cocker, which is a different sub-species from the “show” cockers that I was familiar with. not sure why all the photos aren’t loading.
  7. I was excited to see an Indian restaurant opening across the street. I was disappointed to see that it's a mix-and-match bowls place. You choose a carb: Basmati rice, coconut rice, or chickpea spinach; a "main": chicken tikka, paneer tikka masala, or a falafel like fritter; a "veg": potato, cauliflower or something I don't remember. They have various sauces and pickle/relishes. It was pretty good. Worth it for grabbing a quick meal.
  8. The new beast: BC811121-FF37-4F73-80F9-CE750FBBB36F.heic 08DAC82F-4A4D-4275-9A3D-2983E4548D9BB4-643A-4C4E-B049-6CFC234B1449.heicE4C4E4.heic 26DEEC2B-561F-45E0-A773-F15FAD9F52CC.heic 3556C063-F11A-408A-AFEF-8ABB93FCA5A0.heic 3E37E28A-C121-4C13-B92B-8C55A2A47E6A.heic E10DA57B-82B6-441B-BC7B-71E1044C5AD4.heic 548D9BB4-643A-4C4E-B049-6CFC234B1449.heic
  9. I saw her in a play a few years back with Keiran Culkin and Michael Cera. She was very good. The wife has me watching Working Moms. Oy vey. The Pebble has me watching Bluey. By far the best kids show out there.
  10. I may not have a lot of gray hair, but yesterday I yelled at someone for riding his bike on the sidewalk.
  11. We've been watching a lot of Youtube videos lately because we lack the attention span for even a half hour television program. Cooking: Made by Lau: Son films his father, who owned a Chinese restaurant for 50 years, making food. Very good, both for the information and the production value. Chinese Cooking Demystified: American guy and his Chinese girlfriend teach cooking from China. Very good information value, somewhat odd production value. 中華仕込み【蝦油】 シャーユ: Bruno Albouze. Well, you know Bruno. Adam Ragusea: This college writing professor in Maco
  12. The Facebooks were sending me ads for Fly by Jing crispy chilli sauce. In one of the comments, folks said to buy the original crispy chilli sauce from Lao Gan Ma. Which I did. This shit is da bomb. Or whatever kids say to say that something is great. I put it on pretty much anything. Noodles. Bread. Dumplings. Chicken tenders. Hamburger. Hot dogs. Well, you get the idea. Apparently, Momofuku is getting into the game with their own version.
  13. I just Patreoned an episode on Ysaye's violin sonatas. Coming in the fall.
  14. Bonner will like this: Nixon at War. Why would Nixon's campaign, cruising to victory in 1972, send bunglers to break into the DNC office at Watergate? Back in 1968, during the election campaign, Nixon publicly stated that he would not do anything to interfere with LBJ's peach efforts in Vietnam. Of course not, because as a private citizen, that would violate the law. But privately, he was worried that an October surprise peace announcement would cost him the election. So, he used back door channels to tell the South Vietnamese government to oppose LBJ's peace process because Nixo
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