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  1. Stone


    It has only little bubbles and it does not float. My sourdough days may be over.
  2. Stone


    Is the starter supposed to be this thin? This sat overnight and is unfed. Also, last night I used some discard to make pizza dough. Mixed it with water, flour, salt and some oil. It sat on the counter over night, but didn't seem to rise at all. (How do I embed the video in the post?) 977B7362-5697-488A-B613-C9BE5298C8AD.mov
  3. Stone


    I started over Monday night. In a fancy jar I bought from Amazon. This morning, still only small bubbles. I started washing the jar because all the photos I’ve seen of starter jars have nice clean sides. Mine was a mess from pouring out the discard.
  4. the wife wants to know why i'm going through all this fuss when we can just get a $200 All-Clad and be the envy of our friends or buy a $50 teflon and replace it every few years.
  5. I pre-heat the pan and add either butter or chicken fat. Then add the eggs. Which are usually straight from the fridge 'cause in the U.S. we fridgerate our eggs.
  6. I remember way back when I took some time and cleaned my old wok down to the shine.
  7. Yesterday I made my eggs in the carbon steel, with some schmaltz. Non-stick and smooth as glass. This morning, stick! I cleaned yesterday with water and then dried and rubbed in some oil (very little). I notice that sometimes after rubbing in the oil, the surface is a bit tacky.
  8. Used a bit for eggs this morning. Quite good.
  9. I made a big batch of chicken stock this weekend and scraped about one cup of schmaltz off the top. It’s not pure white like when I’ve rendered out chicken fat. Should I do anything to try to “clean” it? I’m guessing it’s going to have some extra flavor. what do folks use schmaltz for?
  10. Deglaze with water and a gentle plastic scrubber. No soap. (Radio) but someone did a pan sauce with a good bit of lemon juice. And another with chunks of tomato.
  11. One of my carbon steel pans has all the area that doesn’t seem to be getting seasoned. Just ignore it? Start over?
  12. Stone


    I'm putting it into the container on the right. It's in the fridge. I haven't used it yet.
  13. Stone


    This sourdough craze must be a huge boon for the flour companies. Half of brooklyn is throwing away a cup of flour a day! So, after you measure out the amount you want to save, do you clean the container before putting it back in to ferment? Or do the sides just stay messy?
  14. This stuff is great. Will it really only keep a few days in the fridge?
  15. You're professionally trained with decades of experience.
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