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  1. Too much sun? Too hot? Too much water? My neighbor’s plants are beautiful. do folks feee their herbs? I don’t know why all my pics get rotated.
  2. They got bigger! There's pollen/dust on the caps. Gills underneath.
  3. I don’t really want to eat them. I’m a little concerned about them touching the herbs I want to eat. Or just touching th and throwing them away.
  4. I’ve got some stray mushrooms growing in my herb pits on my balcony. is there any risk that they’re poisonous?
  5. Stone

    Super Duper

    There's a Mom who keeps using super when talking to her kid. "This is super yummy." "You're super tired." "That's super dangerous." I keep muttering "very". It's like "ton." Someone says, "let's go. we don't have a ton of time." "Of course not, ton is a unit of weight, not duration." "We got a ton of strawberries at the market." "Really, where will you put them all?"
  6. Stone

    Super Duper

    Has super always been used for “very?” I’m super hungry. We’re super late. He’s super good. I’m super angry. This is super fast. what happened to “very”? Or even “really”?
  7. We’re staying at an Air bnb in Dutchess county and the knives are so dull I almost brought them to Warren Cutlery to have them sharpened. But they had a wustoff sharpener. I tried it. It didn’t do anything.
  8. What are the thoughts on these “V” Sharpeners. https://images.app.goo.gl/RSGBm5iMGByb8WBe7 I remember years back being told that these scrape a lot of metal off the blade and can ruin the knife. But now I see decent companies, like Wustoff, selling them. are they safe for a good chefs knife? Better for stainless than carbon steel?
  9. I made some taco meat last night and left it on the counter to cool -- over night. I figure if I heat it up thoroughly, it will kill any bugs? I mean, haven't we all eaten cold pizza that sat out in a box all night? Or just toss it?
  10. Stone


    Discard focaccia. Second try.
  11. Stone


    The starter is "active" when it's all puffed up? About 6-8 hours after feeding? I found that when I did a 1:1:1 ration, my starter was very loose and didn't really grow and it smelled like acetone. I tried a 1:1.5:.8 feed, and got a very good rise. Still doesn't smell great.
  12. Stone


    My first sourdough bake - discard English muffins. Cooked on the stovetop in my carbon steel pan. A bit uneven on the cooking, and didn't get great bubbles inside. (I think they were a little undercooked.) But they taste great. I added 2 cups of flour and 1 cup milk to 1/2 cup discard last night. it doubled by the morning. Then added some more flour, salt, baking soda, sugar, and kneaded. After cutting out the muffins, I let them sit about an hour before cooking. didn't get much of a second rise in that hour.
  13. Stone


    We're not speaking the same language.
  14. Stone


    How do I know when to switch from daily feedings to bi-daily feedings? I had a good wheat/rye starter going with daily feedings. But I switched to a 12-hour feeding with AP, and it went thin and runny and developed an acetone smell. I did another feeding with wheat/rye and, it's doubled in 12 hours. should I let it go another 12 before feeding, or feed now?
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