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  1. I was strolling around the new hood with the dog, and at the base of a big oak tree, I spied some large hen-of-the-woods mushrooms. A little past their sell-by date, but if they looked fresh, are they safe to eat? Any poison look-alikes?
  2. I now live in the suburbs. I’m picking up a used 22” Weber Smokey Mountain smoker (redundant?) tomorrow. I have to decide between the $1300 Weber gas grill (which seems to be in everyone’s backyard) and the $400 Performer. The charcoal doesn’t take significantly longer to start than the gas - the gas still needs to warm up the grill a bit. And the charcoal gets a better seat, from what I read. But i’ll have to deal with the ashes. Although i’ll sabe about $1000, which is good because I have no money left. the kid is worthless. (I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t you alrea
  3. For a suburban home, charcoal grille or gas? Convenience or flavor/cost?
  4. So, if you made a big batch of chili, taco meat or something like that, and the leftovers were sitting in the fridge for three days, and you thought it was getting to be time to toss them, can you put it on the stove and bring it back to a simmer in order to restart the clock?
  5. That’s seems to be the problem. How do I know how much power a hub sends out?
  6. I've got a Mac Mini, with 4 Thunderbolt/USB-C ports and two USB-A ports. I have a USB-A to USB-C/Thunderbolt powered hub connected to one of my USB-C ports. One of the USB-A ports is a line out to my DAC. Problem is, I have a Dell Soundbar and a Logitech Webcam, and each don't seem to work if I plug them into my hub. And I can't plug both into the computer at the same time, because I've only got one USB-A port available. Is there any reason why the Soundbar and Webcam will only work if plugged in directly? Is it that the USB-C/Thunderbolt hub is incompatible? (It seems to wo
  7. White Lotus. Again, it's either a very well-produced piece of crap or something brilliant. The characters are so absurdly stereotyped, it's hard to take them seriously. But perhaps I'm not supposed to.
  8. This show became much better when I realized it was a comedy.
  9. Ok, I'm not sure if I've posted this. I think I kept it as a trade secret. But I'll let it out here. Some day, I want to make pastrami and rye ice cream. Steep Katz's pastrami in the milk. Make the ice cream. Fold in dices of rye and deli mustard swirl. Brilliant. I was going to send the idea to Ben & Jerry, but they wouldn't split the profits with me.
  10. I think I tried this, but found her speaking style -- the effort to "act" and make stuff exciting or what not -- annoying. Maybe I'm thinking of the wrong one.
  11. I thought Mexico attacked us after we annexed Texas (at Texas's request)?
  12. 100% Cocker, according to the DNA test. It’s a “working” cocker, which is a different sub-species from the “show” cockers that I was familiar with. not sure why all the photos aren’t loading.
  13. I was excited to see an Indian restaurant opening across the street. I was disappointed to see that it's a mix-and-match bowls place. You choose a carb: Basmati rice, coconut rice, or chickpea spinach; a "main": chicken tikka, paneer tikka masala, or a falafel like fritter; a "veg": potato, cauliflower or something I don't remember. They have various sauces and pickle/relishes. It was pretty good. Worth it for grabbing a quick meal.
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