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  1. I keep reminding Ginny that it was an "as is" purchase. Just remember that he won't miraculously stop snoring after you marry him. 🥂
  2. So, I started drinking feni (in mixed drinks) at Indian Table a couple of years ago (chef from Goa) & thought that it was somehow made from cashews (the nut itself). Well, they constantly referred to it as a "cashew apple" liquor and, when I looked it up, I found that the cashew nut is a product of an "apple" & that's what makes feni. Who knew?! At any rate, it's good -- and they serve these drinks with a couple of cashews. Don't ask me what I thought when I found out that there's coconut feni as well.
  3. I've always wanted to be supportive to Hemant & managed to do so thru even his supposed "takeover" of 5 or 6 places on Curry Hill years ago. However, he seems to be attracted to (or need?) ventures that I just have no interest in patronizing. Saar's website is probably the main reason I have never been, looking like a place where the food is a side issue and the chef ("the Yo Yo Ma of tandoor cooking"?) a corporate owned performance artist. This latest one just smacks of corny gimmick and is even worse. I've looked at the menu, and now the website, and I cant figure out the connection between the dishes and the concept, the first probably being good and the latter embarrassing to take part in. Someone please tell me the food is worth the context. I still really like the guy.
  4. I cant tell you how sad I am to have missed it.
  5. Agreed. As it just so happens that this thread is adjacent to the one on Sailor & I was re-reading that one, well, let me just say that there is probably more reason to not go to Rao's (or several other places, including ones that I frequent) then to Sailor. Just an observation after reading both threads.
  6. Went last night &, although I sorta wanted to have a reason to not like it, I liked it. Very good food at a very reasonable price point in a very nicely done room with very friendly staff.
  7. Ginny & I are very sorry to hear this news. Please send him our best & know that you have many friends here for you.
  8. I'm not understanding this thread... Isn't it the restaurant's responsibility to open the jars and cans in their kitchen? Are they now forcing customers to do this?
  9. Steve R.


    yes, she is. I lost track after she came back from Italy (honing baking skills i think) & then was helping a friend out in an artisanal ice cream place in Brooklyn (Cobble Hill). Several years ago at least.
  10. Steve R.


    Yeah, I wonder what “wingding” is up to these days. Our favorite bartender at Otto, Dennis, was at Anton’s in the West Village last I looked.
  11. Steve R.


    Two or three years ago, Ginny & I made the rounds of places we used to frequent in "the old days". We walked out of Lupa shaking our heads, as nothing tasted like anything we'd want again. On the other hand, Babbo was a pleasant surprise. As for the saltiness, I remember discussing that with Dennis (the bartender at Otto) while eating Carbonara at the Otto bar. Although quite a few people here and elsewhere (& my wife) seemed to not mind the saltiness of the food, it was pretty much agreed that they (Lupa) served things saltier than their siblings. I always preferred the less salty versions at Otto and Babbo.
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