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  1. Am I the only one who makes fegato alla veneziana? Try getting the liver cut properly for that! I've instructed a couple of the crew (can't call them "butchers") at Eataly, because I like the calf's liver there.
  2. Lippy


    Chicken Marbella was my go-to Seder main course for many years.
  3. In honor of this rare occasion, I attempted green hamantaschen, with limited success. I should have been bolder with the food coloring. They tasted all right, even considering that I didn't roll the dough as thinly as I usually do, because the greenness obscured the wood grain of my pastry board.
  4. Lippy


    We were there last night. Interesting presentation and terrific music, especially Ruthie Foster.
  5. Lippy


    From the article -- higher prices, smaller portions. somehow I doubt that the broiled, stuffed lobster will be on the new menu. I strongly suspect that this re-vamp will be another typical decision by new owners that takes a popular and viable business, "upgrades" it by altering its particular character or over-expanding, runs it into the ground, and wonders why it failed.
  6. Possibly even Murray's cheese on Bleecker St. keeping in mind for all three suggestions that supply chain problems, especially from Italy may be a problem this year.
  7. My first stop would be Buon Italia on the lower level of the Chelsea Market.
  8. I called it "Indiana Corn Pudding" this year, to avoid explanations, but still hoping that no one asks for the recipe. My only innovations this year were sweet potato latkes (since Chanukah is just around the corner) and arugula salad with pomegranate seeds.
  9. Lippy

    Anne Saxelby

    This was a shock.
  10. I loved herring at a very young age, then wouldn't touch it for years before I loved it again.
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