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  1. Lippy

    Anne Saxelby

    This was a shock.
  2. I loved herring at a very young age, then wouldn't touch it for years before I loved it again.
  3. Lippy


    A Tuesday dinner that made it feel like Saturday night: Shrimp and grits, nicely loaded with cheese and bacon followed by strawberry/rhubarb crumble for dessert. Iced tea and riesling to drink.
  4. I missed the Whistlers, too, somehow. On line I learned that they are in gallery 22. This gives me justification to go again, not that any is needed, but admission for a non-member is pricey.
  5. The experience is very different from visiting the actual Frick and seeing everything in situ, but at the Breuer, you can get within inches of the artworks and examine them in good light.
  6. Every year I think I'll get around to making one of these, but somehow Passover comes and goes with my good intentions.
  7. Aside from my overcooked Chicken Marbella, everything else was good and with a guest from outside the usual family, it was actually interesting, with someone actually asking real questions, not just the ones in the haggadah. Once we thought of the chicken as "barbecued" rather than "charred" it tasted better, although a bit dry, since all the delicious sauce burnt to the bottom of the (thank God) non-stick roasting pan.
  8. Doesn't matter if it's Seder for 3 or 20, the work is the same; the difference is the size of the pots and pans. Every year I say it's the last time I doing it.
  9. Practicing to be either a psychotherapist or divorce lawyer.
  10. Last week, I taught a young guy behind the counter at the "Italian" butcher in Eataly how to cut calves liver for fegato alla veneziana. Before instruction began, I had to describe the dish, which was new to him.
  11. I am grateful for the (so far) lack of "shtick."
  12. I am enjoying the Stanley Tucci Italy series. I had gotten tired of Bourdain's shtick and Tucci is lower key in a good way. I always felt that Bourdain's "adventures" distracted and detracted from the food, which is what interested me.
  13. As of Sunday, fully vaccinated with Pfizer. Yesterday, a had a sore, arm, headache and low fever. Today, I'm fine.
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