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After reading Ryan Sutton's rave about this place -- well, the beginning of his rave since I don't pay for the full newsletter -- I set my Resy notify and got an a la carte reservation almost immediately. Maybe that should have been our first red flag, because oh boy was this place disappointing.

We started off strong, ordering the Uni Gin Fizz for me (which I actually really liked -- just a hint of the ocean) and a glass of pet nat for my dining companion. But, shortly after those were delivered, THREE DIFFERENT servers came by and tried to take our order within 60 seconds of each other. Not the best way to make us feel welcome. We ordered the sourdough tortilla, the chayote and asian pear salad, the surf clam ceviche, the sashimi platter, and the carne asada. Our waiter didn't write anything down, and my number one pet peeve at a restaurant is when the waiter doesn't write anything down and proceeds to get things wrong. Foreshadowing.

  • The sourdough tortilla. This thing has been written about in at least three different publications that I've seen, and it absolutely does not live up to the hype in any way. Honestly, I think Trader Joe's flour tortillas on your gas range are better, because at least you can make sure it's hot when you eat it. It was delivered lukewarm, there wasn't much blistering, and I couldn't detect any hint of sourdough. It tasted like a grocery store tortilla, and not a particularly good one. The butter was good though.
  • The chayote and asian pear salad. This was fine. It was served with chicories and had lots cheese grated on it. Pretty much every restaurant is doing a version of this salad these days. 
  • The surf clam ceviche. This never showed up.
  • The sashimi platter. Listen, I'm not sure what we were thinking ordering a $47 sashimi platter at a Mexican restaurant. It had three pieces of lean tuna, four pieces of amberjack, three pieces of mackerel, two oysters, and three mussels with a chili sauce on them. It was fine, I guess. Felt like a bit of a ripoff.
  • The duck enmoladas. Wait, we didn't order this, but it was dropped at our table. We immediately told the runner that we didn't order it and she looked confused and took it away. I love when the runner looks at me doubtfully, like I'm the one making the mistake.

Shortly after they tried to serve us the duck, our waiter popped by.

"Are you guys still waiting on something?"

"Yes, we haven't gotten the surf clam ceviche yet, and we ordered the carne asada, not the duck. If the surf clam ceviche hasn't gotten put in, you can just cancel it."

"Oh ok, let me check on that"

::a few minutes later::

"I accidentally put in the duck instead of the carne asada, it's on its way now. And I canceled the ceviche."

  • The carne asada. This was perhaps the least visually appealing $40+ steak I've ever been served in a restaurant. See the fifth slide of this post: https://www.instagram.com/p/C3fzG2CxC9y/?img_index=5. There was no char to speak of, I'm pretty sure it was just sous vided and maybe blowtorched while wet for a few seconds, then dropped on a plate. Meh.
  • The sweet potato ice cream. This was good! It had a puffed wild rice thing that was a nice savory crunch aspect. 

They comped us a glass of wine for the order mixups. $275 after tip and tax for those dishes, one cocktail, and two glasses of wine. Serves us right for not just going to Foxface.

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