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Some general observations:   It's 85 degrees outside, the mediterranean is perfectly clear and mirror smooth, but still on the chilly side for a long swim. Sand on the beach, however, is warm, smoot

That's possible, but many of them may be no more than a couple of vats in someone's back yard. Grape supply is very limited and there are still serious issues with how they're handled on the way to th

Well, Ha'Meorav is closing tomorrow at midnight, so that's out.

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Always looking to be more like Manhattan, this is what Tel-Aviv's main highway looks like today:




All that water is definitely not good for the traction motors on the axles of the locomotives in the background. Salt water is especially toxic to electrical and copper windings, etc.


Orik, is this typical of the season in Israel, Jordan, etc?

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More flooding all over the place. My hometown, I'm told, looks and smells like Venice, if Venice featured 1950s soviet-style architecture.


Of course this all comes on the heels of massive investments in water desalination plants.


Israeli gastronomy, 2013, with subtitles, quite funny.


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