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  1. So are you saying that N moved here because she was disappointed about the end of apartheid in SA but had hope for it to be instituted here in the USA?
  2. splinky

    Willie Mays

    Rickwood holds a lots bad memories for a lot of people.
  3. Let me know what you think. That looks super interesting
  4. He is the devil, never mention him in my presence.
  5. Leonard Green & Partners, the fine people who also bring you Mister Car Wash and J. Crew. So the industry expertise is there
  6. he mostly got caught out because of his podcast appearances and because he's an Oxford style name dropper
  7. You say that you researched a thing thoroughly and wrote a whole ass book about it, but part of your thesis is based on something that someone never actually said but you kept repeating in every interview and then your correction and retribution was also false. Are errata slips really preferable to proper editing and factchecking?
  8. this is funnier than anyday cookware
  9. Drake should really be so much better than he actually is if DNA rules these things.
  10. i don't think the kids these days even know how to read.
  11. and of course you can cook anything in a microwave, it just might suck a lot
  12. i'm worried that's not going to be enough, in this case. ooh but that smile...
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