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On 8/28/2022 at 10:04 AM, Orik said:

Also I just read that the last club in Tel-Aviv is closing, exactly 40 years after the first club* opened. I spent nearly every weekend from the late 80s to the late 90s there on zero hours of sleep and it's hard to imagine the city without this scene. 

No photo description available.


* by which I mean the sort of place where punk, new wave, and then electronica lived

Why is this photo broken!!!

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Well, Ha'Meorav is closing tomorrow at midnight, so that's out.

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an old friend is spending a week in jerusalem and tel-aviv. he's open to anything that doesn't require him to dress up, will eat anything but really likes meat, only speaks english (and spanish I guess) and doesn't drink.

where should he go?

I sent him Jessika's post from august.

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Specifically Meat:

M25 (the Carmel Market location)
Hudson (very expensive and he'll likely be disappointed) 
Meat Bar (oldie but goodie) 
Big Itsik (wagyu specialist) 
Jasmino (late night stand with kebab, offal, etc.)
Mutfak (sounds dirty but legit Turkish operation)
Many many solid options for Doner, Shawarma, etc. 

Personally I just set up shot at HaBasta when we're there but the names on Jesikka´s list are all good. 


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