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  1. Is Shake Shack even part of USHG any more? I thought it was spun off.
  2. If I want lettuce that looks like that, I'll eat at home.
  3. That fruit salad is RED.
  4. I can’t believe it.
  5. Sneakeater


    By then I'm too sleepy to enjoy it.
  6. Sneakeater


    (I LOVE the Blue Hour. My favorite time of day. It looks so cool!)
  7. Sneakeater


    Or, to put it another way, twilight.
  8. Sneakeater


    Between twilight and sunset duh.
  9. Sneakeater


    Emma Orlow and her editor (if any) don't know what the Blue Hour is. But what do you expect?
  10. Word to the wise (I saw it in a theater duh but now it's only available through streaming): Hit Man.
  11. Wow he really IS related to all these really talented people.
  12. WHOA! That's almost more a Reason To Be Astonished.
  13. I cannot begin to tell you how I covet that Meyer lemon posset.
  14. (Uncle Larry is much better and more significant, of course.)
  15. Wait Larry Graham is Drake's uncle? How did I not know this? I'm sure everybody else did.
  16. It’s also within walking distance of Hajii’s and Taco Mix. (Rao’s too — for all the good that does me.)
  17. I realized last week that my hospital, where I now am ALL THE FUCKING TIME, is three stops from Hudson Smokehouse. Let’s turn these appointments into PARTIES!
  18. I have to say that melting the beeswax has always been a major problem with my cooking.
  19. I like and use Olive Oil Jones but everybody I know makes fun of me for it. One fun thing used to be, when they were starting out, that Steve J. himself would make the local deliveries. My old building's doormen used to hate him.
  20. I somehow have not one but two copies of that.
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