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  1. Verticality. I often recall the disappearing pie. My mother had made a pie for me to take to a high school event. I left the house, pie in hand, but my hand lost grip on the front steps and the pie disappeared. It was not on the steps, not in the surrounding garden or walkway. No pie. My parents came out to help hunt. No pie. The next morning, in the light of day, we found the pie standing on edge, vertically, facing the porch wall. Since then, I have frequently lost something that hid during many searches, only to find said object snuggled up to a vertical partition in handbag, drawer, closet.
  2. It’s said that a woman marries a man thinking she can change him but finds she can’t. And a man marries a woman thinking she won’t change, but she does
  3. Very difficult and distressing meeting but husband did agree to a month PT rehab.
  4. "Sideways" is more than Pinot. Husband has had several strange not fully diagnosed episodes. This a.m. tested positive for covid. Checked myself -> so did i. zoom meeting coming up on the hour to discuss options. Most likely is home hospice. I need to get across that I can't handle him until he has enuf pt to take minimal care of himself, like get in and out of bed.
  5. At 76.
  6. I have no concept of Rao's today. Before the fire, and in Frankie's hayday when Aunt Anne was still actually cooking, the Vest was pouring, Anthony was in training and the ancient gnome sat outside the front door and growled, "I'll watch your car,", although you had obviously just arrived by cab, and similarly, "I watched your car." as you got into your cab to leave, Rao's was a happening place, turning out excellent quality plates in a cool and joyous atmosphere. Their marinara sauce, before its commercialization, was eyeopening. Frankie, of course, was master of ceremonies whose show went on nightly to a sellout crowd. I doubt the show's the same today with the current cast of characters.
  7. Quite right. Their mission is to save or prolong life without definition.
  8. His major barrier now is attitude/will. He seems to be more depressed in the morning, and I'm hoping that is the case today. He confessed he had tiff with his team of doctors this morning. "Over what?" Pause..."End of life." I asked if he would like me to bring him some of his chocolate stash, and got an enthusiastic response. He has told me to stay away because he has been exposed to covid in hospital, and I have had a cold with fever, but my fever has been down for 36 hours and I'm going over, with chocolates.
  9. That is my one concern. He just called and sounded orders of magnitude better, mentally as well as physically. He had actually walked today, was sitting up, seeing possibilities, unbelievable only this morning.
  10. Husband is in UC Neurological ICU after a moderate stroke on Sunday evening. IMHO he is getting superb attention and treatment. He is railing about limitations and restrictions. His mind is good and his speech is intelligible but his left side is severely affected, and the stability of his vitals varies. He is such a "doer" and get things done person, impatient by self-definition, that any obstacle to improvement is himself at this point. It is hard for him to look past today's limitations toward a satisfying future. His "vitals" must be completely stable before PT is viable.
  11. Pretty sure their barmate got them the table. As I've written, we used to go to Rao's when our son was in school there. Like hot tables today, I would call a month or so in advance. And Frankie took some amusement in our name, its play on Pelegrino, and my persistence. He called us his San Francisco cousins.
  12. Hotel breakfast in Prague was insane! Hot, cold, meat, cheese, charcuterie, fruit, vegetables, sweet and savory breads!
  13. voyager


    Unless you’re looking to ape Red Lobster, I’d save that collection and stick to lemon.
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