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  1. Hi. My name is Darryl. This is my brother Darryl. And this is my other brother, Darryl.
  2. Yes. He and his partner had a place in Manhattan that closed after a fire. After it re-opened, his partner ran the Manhattan location until it closed. He also briefly sold his food to the Rodeo Bar.
  3. So much beautiful success and talent and diversity and love and so many moments of heartbreaking.
  4. backyardchef


    So many overrated Batali restaurants. Glad I sidestepped them all these years. Never once have I ever gone to Eataly.
  5. Luigi's is pretty good. I am realizing that it used to be easy to find a great slice almost everywhere in the city. Then you could find a good slice almost anywhere in the city and now you can find mediocre generic slices almost everywhere in the city and good has become the new excellent. Actual above average or even excellent is very rare.
  6. Only if you plan to insist on boring everyone by lecturing us how much better natural light is than electricity. I only cook fish sticks if I plan to pretend that someone else's elite idea of superiority was worth skewering.
  7. I would rather talk about the tyranny of cables
  8. Would you ever consider going bluetooth?
  9. She didn't mention that this is what made Frog Club a place that I would never want to go. It was never about the food at all. Just suckers on the vine.
  10. Please accept my humblest apologies for my indiscretion.
  11. Don't discount that golden Meyer touch. LOL
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