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  1. MitchW

    Frog Club

    If we could only figure out the schtick...
  2. MitchW

    Frog Club

    As The Don said: "look how they massacred my boy."
  3. You gotta think of how great you'll feel after the procedure!!
  4. MitchW

    Frog Club

    I can only say one thing about their IG account and their web site (such that it is). And I quote Ori: "STOP!"
  5. MitchW

    Frog Club

    Is that what cute is?
  6. MitchW


    Rescued just in time (after two minutes under the broiler, which obviously gets really fucking hot): Chicken Shepherd's Pie. Pasta e fagioli, with cheese and salumi served alongside.
  7. MitchW

    MLB 2024

    Sort of reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. https://youtu.be/sTQvIq0ritI?si=UObWhmXKj3-8JKrM
  8. A very helpful article for NYC people, written by an actual expert on cocktails and bars: The New York Bar 50, by Robert Simonson
  9. Agata & Vaelntina - 79th and 1st Fresh Direct Fairway Citarella
  10. MitchW


    House-made crab cake, cole slaw, cocktail sauce. Mexico made tomato, avocado, and lemon.
  11. MitchW


    Went back last night (this time with a reservation). It's a big week month year for us. And they haven't raised the price on the burger - yet! My big pork chop was also nicely cooked, with 2 sides. COMP DISCLOSURE: 2 glasses of wine, dessert.
  12. I did a riff on the classic tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich combo: Tomato, white beans and escarole soup along with a cheese quesadilla.
  13. MitchW


    Made some Spanish rice, with a bit of chorizo and a few Shitake mushrooms I had in the fridge. Also had some beautiful Hokkaido scallops and wild Gulf shrimp. Both got the hot pan treatment. Served them both over the rice, along with Frenched green beans, prepared in my usual style (i.e. : butter, olive oil, stock).
  14. MitchW

    David Bouley

    Shit, didn't Eric Blauberg have this really good restaurant in the American Thread Building?
  15. MitchW

    David Bouley

    Yeah - the guy was kinda...the guy. The '90 - '96 era was kinda great. Right when I entered school.
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