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  1. What if YOU bought her dinner, then at least you wouldn't have to worry about that aspect of it.
  2. We went out for a day and caught one fish. But the salmon that was coming into the coop looked beautiful. And we had some great salmon kebabs at Two Chicks and a Kabob stand.
  3. PRETTY! We'll be shooting in HD so hoping for some good weather to show off the place.
  4. I'm so sorry you have to go to Alaska, especially when the temps have been so high. The only upside, if you area farther north than Juneau there is no humidity. I had fabulous hair the entire time I was there (well, when I wasn't getting rained on anyway)! I'll be in Sitka - temps look to be hovering around 60. I'll be on a boat for at least a day so the idea of fabulous hair is a dream deferred.
  5. two of my favorite places. I've got your list and have started alphabetically.
  6. Gearing up for a massive temperature differential - one week in Alaska, temps around 60. Week after in Arizona, temps around 110.
  7. This is an annoyance, Oh Splinked-One?
  8. I shout at Lani's farm all the time. So heart warming to see Steve continuing the great work on the farm. Great to see kids faces when they puzzle over unusual veggies and then give them a try.
  9. Lani's farm has fresh chickpeas - they look like fuzzy green orbs. Anyone have experience with them? I'm still in love with their shell peas, shishito peppers and thin-skinned cucumbers.
  10. Looks like I'll be heading to Sitka AK for some wild salmon fishing. Any recommendations for the area?
  11. Liza

    2010 World Cup

    From The Guardian: Fifa has confirmed that the Uruguay striker Luis Suárez could miss the rest of the World Cup following his handball against Ghana. Suárez was given a straight red card for saving a goalbound-header on the line in extra-time, Ghana missed the resulting penalty and Uruguay went through to the semi-final after winning a shoot-out. The striker will serve an automatic one-match ban ruling him out of the semi-final with Holland but Fifa's disciplinary committee will look at the case to see whether he should also be suspended for Uruguay's last match of the tournament - whic
  12. Anybody can shoot a dude eating a hamburger. Y'all want to know about television production, ask away. But I go out with cameramen who have 20 years experience, shoot HD on P2 cameras with full lighting kits. But yeah, sometimes we shoot dudes eating hamburgers.
  13. You must mention that the ham dish is called That Beautiful Ass. I loved the place, and think Ned is the real deal.
  14. Paul Prudhomme at the Fancy Food Show. MUCH skinnier!
  15. Happy birthday to two fabulous peeps! Love you both.
  16. Liza

    2010 World Cup

    USA v. Ghana England v. Germany
  17. Liza

    St. John, London

    Fergus Henderson is featured in the current issue (Spring 2010, #96) of Art Culinaire. Recipes include Roast Bone Marrow and Parsley Salad; Seed Cake; Smoked Eel with Bacon and Mashed Potatoes; St. John's Eccles Cake; and Game Pie.
  18. Liza

    2010 World Cup

    Yes, indeed. And Australia should have at least allowed me to look at Harry Kewell for awhile.
  19. Sorry if I've said this before. But here's my idea of reservations: I am calling your place of business to propose a contract. A contract in which I will commit to spending money at your place of business, in return for a guarantee that I will be permitted to do so. When restaurants do not accept reservations, I am less inclined to want to give them my money.
  20. Liza

    2010 World Cup

    Terrible call on the red card for Tim Cahill.
  21. New-ish resto in Austin, I had hopes that Mr. Dilley had visited.
  22. You know, it's funny (=queer; weird), whenever I bring up the topic of toxic parents in class, many students (they are Master's, not simpleton 10 yr olds) will tell me, no, no, they don't mean it, they love you deep down, really. But I tend to agree with Friedman on this one. [Not pointing the finger at para's mother, of course.] of course toxic parents mean it. you should fail any student who doesn't get that The only plus I have noticed is the thrill of surprising my therapist.
  23. Has anyone been to Foreign and Domestic yet?
  24. Liza

    2010 World Cup

    I have every cable channel working perfectly except for ABC right now. Thankfully, I can watch the match in Spanish. But, WTF?
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