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  1. I'm currently reading Middlesex, has anyone else read it? I remember it being discussed elsewhere and people were criticizing the fact that it won the pulitzer prize. Maybe not Pulitzer Prize worthy (I don't really know, I never pay attention to these things and don't know what other books the prize puts this into the same league as) but its definitely a good book. It gives very good historical context for the family and the world that they are living in (all three generations of) and its making me do a lot of thinking. About Gender Identity and what it really means to be a man or a woman
  2. We rented Wasabi (Luc Besson directed Jean Reno stars) over the weekend and laughed ourselves silly. You have to be in the mood for it. It's sort of a French Lethal Weapon with Jean Reno as the Mel Gibson character, except that he punches everyone instead of shooting everything. One of his co stars is a Japanese Pop Star who was part of the enjoyment for me. She's normally this cutesy pouty thing that sings, acts, and does commercials (well doesn't do any of the three very well but this is the life of a Japanese pop star) and seeing her speak french was surreal... I wonder if they dubbe
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    I love supper threads. purchased prime rib from Ginger Pig, salted it, let it sit in my fridge for a few days and then threw it in the oven at 450. Took it out after it was nice a brown on the outside (around 20 minutes) lowered the temp to 350 and slathered the roast with a mixture of wholegrain mustard, olive oil, thyme, and pepper. Put it back in till thermometer registered 115 ( I actually was going to take it out sooner but it seemed to jump from nowhere to 115) Roasted cauliflower, creamed goat cheese spinach, on the side... a very nice meal. In fact, I'm eating some of
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