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  1. @MitchW, have you had those blends before or did you select randomly? They all sound wonderful. My nose is itching to give them a sniff.
  2. @voyager I'm so glad he has agreed to get some help. You need some rest so you can recover, too! Don't be afraid to ask for help for yourself if you need it.
  3. A friend brought me a little steak pie, veggies and slice of chocolate cherry pie from a local Irish restaurant. I'll be eating well all week.
  4. @Diancecht that cacciatore sounds wonderful!
  5. Good grief that photo came out huge. Sorry!!
  6. Took a huge step. I have had Hemingway, my starter from a dear friend who is longer with us, for a few years and have kept it going even though I haven't baked much the past few years with all the turmoil. I have a bit in the fridge on the off chance that the temp drops below 75 any time soon (ha ha) but I have dried much of it for longer term storage. I just don't see me baking much until I am through with house crap. I call it Hemingway because it was the son of my friend's starter that she grew from scratch. She called hers Kevin. Mine is Hemingway because Kevin's son also rises. Sleep well Hemingway!
  7. My sister and a couple of friends have been on my case about not eating enough. I took the bull by the horns today. Before I left to visit my husband, I went online and ordered a bacon cheeseburger rare to pick up at 3. And since I had paid for it, I knew I would not change my mind because I wasn't hungry. So I came home and of course I wasn't hungry but made myself go get it. I took it all apart so the bun wouldn't get soggy. (I do not like burgers rare but ordered that way so it could stand up to reheating.) I heated half in the air fry of my toaster oven. The burger was OK, the fries were horrible. But my stomach is not happy.
  8. Hope it is light and over quickly. It is really going around now.
  9. It has been a plentiful year for raccoon babies or raccuties, as I call them. Last evening and night, it was a steady stream of them--I think at least 5 different mamas and babes. It was incredibly hot even at night. I snapped this quickly around 10 pm as this mama was splooted out trying to cool down while her raccuties were playing and eating--2 kids shown, but I think there were 3.
  10. Another hot day with me having no appetite. Cottage cheese, tomato and some lightly crisped pepperoni.
  11. Another day that I hadn't eaten anything and really didn't feel like it. This was the easiest thing on hand. Sesame ginger dressing on the cole slaw and Aldi's Korean BBQ sauce on the egg rolls. Heated in toaster oven.
  12. Just be sure to take care of yourself. You winding up in the hospital, too, would not be a good thing.
  13. One of my favorites. Not a very happy life, but she certainly was brilliant.
  14. @voyager Positive, healing energy for your husband and bushels of strength for you both. I have family who work with brain/stroke impairments and there are miraculous recoveries. It sounds like he is on his way.
  15. I was not hungry in the least and just couldn't interest myself in making much. I found a twice baked potato in the freezer and a piece of flatbread I didn't use last night. Baked the spud in the toaster oven and smeared the bread with a little peach butter, sprinkled some crumbled bacon on and stuck in the toaster oven, too. I need to remember the peach butter and bacon combo--it was very good.
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