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    This sourdough craze must be a huge boon for the flour companies. Half of brooklyn is throwing away a cup of flour a day! So, after you measure out the amount you want to save, do you clean the container before putting it back in to ferment? Or do the sides just stay messy?
  2. This stuff is great. Will it really only keep a few days in the fridge?
  3. You're professionally trained with decades of experience.
  4. It’s a spice toaster! i tracked down the person who gave it to me, 15 years ago. She said it’s for roasting spices. But still no results from a google search.
  5. Tea would make sense, but it's awful big. Ben thought it was for sprinkling sugar over cakes. (Yes, he's only 3.5.)
  6. most of the reviews I've seen have rated the Cuisinart and Breville at the top, noting that the main differences are the size/price.
  7. Our Breville toaster oven is crapping out. The on/off button is not working well -- apparently this is a problem. Breville wants $120 to fix it, plus we need to send it in. So, I think we're getting a new one. The Cuisinart toaster oven/air fryer gets very good reviews, as does Breville's. Breville's is twice as expensive -- about $400, but it's also quite a bit bigger. Any suggestions?
  8. We've gotten a lot of these from our CSA. Which seems odd, but I always thought of them as fall/winter vegetables. Is there anything to do with them other than roast or make slaw? I guess we can make shtetl soup.
  9. I find it surprising that she didn't have two weeks of operating capital. More surprising that she couldn't afford health insurance for herself and her wife. I'm on the Board of my coop. it's shocking how many people asked for an abatement of their monthly fees two weeks after losing their income. Do people really not have any cash in the bank for a rainy day?
  10. It does have the beeswax, and I scrubbed them. Perhaps not enough.
  11. I do have ginger. Good idea.
  12. I just got two carbon steel pans. I went with De Buyer, which had great reviews, notwithstanding the fact that they're not really oven safe. (The handles are covered in epoxy, so they're limited at 10 minutes/400*.) I kind of think I should have gone the Mauviel or Matfor because of this. But, alas. I tried seasoning the pans using grapeseed oil. Mixed results. The big one (12"). I seasoned on Thursday and Thursday night cooked some steaks in it: You'll see that it doesn't have an seasoning coat. There's heaving browning at the top fo the side, but it looks like the season
  13. We got some huge scallions from a CSA. They look more like Iris stems. Anything interesting to do with them? I guess we can braise them like leeks or grill them.
  14. Apparently, China didn't include asymptomatic people in their reported numbers of positive tests. So, I guess the good thing is that means their mortality rate is actually much lower.
  15. Stone


    are you still selling prepared foods?
  16. I'm a decent home cook, although I don't cook much anymore. But I've been trying to make palak paneer for about 30 years, and I just can't do it. I don't know why. It's basic. The recipe is simple. I just can't do it. I get bland, watery sautéed chopped spinach with bits of onion and garlic. I've tried boosting the amount of spices. I've cooked the onion to browning. I've squeezed all the water out of the spinach. Nothing works.
  17. The Pebble's school is closed next week. For people out of Manhattan, they can just let their kids run around outside in the backyard. Or in the basement with all their toys. In Manhattan, that involves paying $ to a kids club -- which is likely closed at the moment -- or going to the park and playing on equipment with hundreds of other kids. What the hell are we going to do with this kid for a week?
  18. We watched the whole thing. Trust me, it doesn't get any better. Especially the last episode. Yeah. I enjoyed it, but it's very flawed. And the last episode was a disaster. Better Than Us on Netflix. Surprisingly well-produced series from Russia. Killer robots and all. Pretty good. Looking forward to starting season 3 of Sinner.
  19. Stone

    NFL 2019

    So, after the second interception, Aikman said, "now San Francisco just has to run the ball and take time off the clock." I went to sleep. Apparently, San Francisco thought it better to have JimmyG -- who in the last game did have 8 awesome pass attempts -- carry the win on his shoulders. I missed all the fun.
  20. There are some good old diners upstate. There's still a Historic village Diner in Red Hook. I'm pretty sure there's one in Hudson, but I can't find a pic. And I see a new fancy one opened last year in West Taghkanic:
  21. We went back last night with Wilfrid and his better half. I thought it was very good. My halibut was perfectly cooked, as was the tagliatelle with lobster and chestnut. The only miss was my cocktail -- El Bandito -- which was fairly tasteless.
  22. St. Louis is great. (I was born there.) The Soulard district is their hipster Williamsburg area. Beautiful old houses and very eclectic. My cousin owns a pizzeria there. (Pizza Head.) New Orleans is my favorite city in the U.S, although I haven't spent much time there. Boulder probably number 2, but also, I've only been for a few short trips. I don't know much about Boston anymore, other than It's beautiful in the spring and summer. Driving down Memorial Drive on a sunny Saturday morning is a short, but lovely trip. And the history can't be beat. I don't get LA, but haven't
  23. Stone

    Today I played...

    [Old man] Billie Eilish. Bad Guy. What the fuck. It's just a list of words that rhyme with "rough". [/Old man]
  24. Stone

    NFL 2019

    When a quarterback completes 75% of his passes, and your discarded by 6 teams and picked up by you running back scores four TDs, it makes that team way better than the Cowboys can ever hope to be. Oh the Cowboys could hope to be a much better team. And the Cowboys offense was much better than the SF offense. (Most of the time.) Do people really think Brady is leaving NE? Why would NE let him go? Because he only reached the Wildcard came? Because they've got this other QB who's never played? Seems crazy not to give him a one year contract with lots of incentives. Unless he wa
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